Submit A Guest Post – Guidelines for PostBloggers

Do you want to write for us?

If you are an experienced writer or professional, capable of creating interesting and attractive content consistently, we would like to know more about you!

What do we publish?

We accept original articles, with original photos and videos in high resolution. Combine your written text with captivating photos or videos to increase readers’ engagement. We give priority to well-documented and intelligently written articles that attract, inform and entertain.

Think even of content that would be interesting to your competitors, or to your colleagues. News within your profession or industry, tips, suggestions, analysis of a topic, or anything else. We leave it to your imagination!

Before starting to write a new article, send the proposed title and a brief description to hemant(dot)srh[at]gmail(dot)com for approval. Include a summary of the article in a schematic way to allow us to give you a better reply.

What we do NOT publish.

Articles of commercial promotion, advertising, badly written articles, articles with incomplete or insufficient information.

Offensive articles related to religion, political party or those that may hurt someone’s feelings.

What to keep in mind?

  • Do not send promotional or advertising articles.
  • Avoid generic topics. Get creative! Your article should be bold, interesting, human and able to influence others.
  • Articles must contain at least 500 words and be written concisely.
  • Readers prefer well-structured articles. Use bullets, short paragraphs and subtitles.
  • Place links to useful resources when it makes sense to do so.
  • Includes a key phrase. Each reader must learn useful lessons or advice.
  • Conclude with a brief summary (in case of extensive articles of 1000 and more words).

What should you write about?

Digital Marketing: News, tricks, tips, changes in the main platforms … General information related to marketing through networks, web or PPC platforms.

SEO: Our team of SEO experts produce highly relevant content for this sector. Write about positioning guides, tips for web optimization, step manuals, trends, tricks and a compendium of useful tips, expressed in a didactic way, pointing to a generalist sector with certain technical knowledge.

Auto: Interesting news, opinions and personal experiences of automotive industry or owning a vehicle.

Business: Tips and tricks, business ideas, technical aspects, changing trends and practices of the businesses.

Education: Anything relevant to education and changing educational trends. Something that enhances the knowledge and learning of the readers.

Health: Tips and tricks for staying fit and healthy, health hacks, things or activities that impact health.

Lifestyle, travel and how to: Travel stories, leisure, people and places, how to- that is useful for most of the people.

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