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Ways to Make a Move towards Meditation

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ways to make a move towards meditation

“The greatest help to spiritual life is meditation. In meditation we divest ourselves of all material conditions and feel our divine nature. We do not depend upon any external help in meditation.” ~ Rightly said by Swami Vivekananda

Meditation is the art of training the mind to realize some sort of benefits or to simply acknowledge its content without being related to that content. Meditation is being practiced since the ancient times. It involves an effort that is to self regulate the mind in one way or the other. Under the practice of meditation, the mind is required to be stable and away from all sorts of illusions.

There are certain ways that you can choose during your course to commencement of meditation:

  1. The time chosen should be convenient- In order to start meditating; the very first thing to be kept in mind is the selection of time that you choose to meditate. The time that you choose to meditate should be the one that you should not get disturbed with anyone or any other thing. The time should be in accordance to your convenience. The preferred time to meditate is early morning.
  2. The place you choose should be silent- The place that you choose to meditate should be free from any sort of disturbance. The place should be peaceful and should let you feel the silence that is a pre-requisite to meditation.
  3. Sit in a Comfortable Posture- The posture that you take while doing meditation should be a comfortable one. Because unless your body feels comfortable, your brain will not be able to perform the function of exploring silence. Thus, a comfortable posture is required to perform meditation.
  4. Start meditating on a relatively Empty Stomach- Before performing meditation; the preferable state should be a relatively empty stomach. On a relatively empty stomach, you neither feels sleepy while meditating nor will you face hunger cramps.
  5. Start With a Few Warm-ups- The best to start up meditation is, starting with a few warm up exercises. A warm up before meditation helps to improve circulation and remove restlessness.
  6. Take a Few Deep Breaths- After your warm up and before starting meditation, you need to take a few deep breaths that will add to the stability of your mind and will let you mind get into a peaceful meditative state.
  7. Open Your Eyes Slowly and Gently- After done with meditating, you should open your eyes slowly and gently becoming aware of yourself and your surroundings.

So if you are thinking to start practicing meditation, here are certain steps given that you should follow. These steps are a must to do before starting meditation that will add to your further attainment of peace.

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