Walking- The Best Approach

Our elders used to go for a walk on a regular basis because they know the benefits and importance of the early morning footsteps over the grassy land which gives a fresh temptation and acupressure to the whole body. They had made the healthy routine filled with excitement, adding fun and entertainment to the daily exercise making it a combo of health and amuse. Walking is like a moving meditation. You must have heard the elders saying that they have not aged without experience; this seems to be true in all senses, in this case as well. The gained experience never goes in vain. One should have the capability to turn the experiences in to the lessons of life as it is done by our grandparents and the other elders. They maintain a balance in their life in all the aspects. They follow the routine not only for their fitness but they have the technique of shooting an arrow while hitting many targets instead of two. Waking up early and going for walk helps them in socializing with their age group as well as others and fulfilling the requirements of the inner soul, piece of mind and the other physical benefits are already there. In the older times, socializing through the morning walk was the most prominent way to interact with friends. In fact, it never disappoints the early birds.

It plays many vital roles in the life of human beings.

  1. Act as psychotherapy
  2. The easiest form of workout
  3. Do not need expensive machines
  4. Fat and cellulite loss
  5. Keeps one’s heart healthy
  6. Accessible to everyone
  7. Strengthens the leg muscles
  8. Brain power booster
  9. Controls and reduces the risk of diabetes
  10. Blood Pressure patients are recommended to walk on a regular basis

But ‘today’s generation’ will not understand the true meaning of socializing. They are just aware of ‘the social networking sites- Facebook, WhatsApp and countless more.’ The sense of interacting face to face has diminished with the passing time and so is the true sense of peace of mind. Exercising with the help of technology will not provide peace of mind which the natural exercise can. Technology has eliminated all the natural things and has placed its gadgets in each and every field in form or the other. Treadmill and other expensive equipments have taken the position of parks and fresh environment. No matter how much we try to convert the gym area in to the natural place, but the discrepancy of the two can be demolished. Stimulation of the nature’s scenery is possible but how can one take the fresh air in to the gymnasium. Technology has been proving very fruitful in all the areas but every coin has two sides. It is somewhat acting negatively in case of morning walks.

All should incorporate walking in their daily routine irrespective of age. Heart patients are advised to walk two times a day, which shows the significance and prestige of walking.

So what are you waiting for?

Wake up early and go for a walk.

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