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Using Modern Technology to Prevent Disasters

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Using Modern Technology to Prevent Disasters

Population is increasing throughout the world and resources are being consumed at a faster rate. This has given rise to disasters, because humans are making strategies that interfere with nature. A wise decision is to make plans that would benefit the people, and also not damage the nature.

As they say, “It is easier said than done”, that is the same case with devising strategies that fulfills both purposes. But technology has helped in easing these tasks to some extent, because of its ability to complete multiple tasks. Also, the effort that is required from a person’s side is minimal. The only effort is when they have to think about some new idea, that could be implemented.

Observing the modern technology and analyzing the methods available, can give rise to better innovations. Before that can happen, the modern technology must be observed and its benefits and limitations. The damage caused by many calamities has indeed been reduced with the use of technology.

People argue that using technology for modifying the environment is not a good practice, because they believe that it is ethically wrong to modify the environment. Scientists and researchers believe that whichever technology saves human lives, must be promoted and must be improved to prevent any loss of lives.

Some common technologies that are used for this purpose:

  • Drones: With their ability to fly high over the ground level, they are efficiently being used to determine the scale of a disaster. Drones can be used before, during or after the disaster. Using them before can help to identify any changes on the ground or in the water and alert the people at right time. Using them during a disaster can help to check the level of destruction to property and lives. And using them after a disaster can help to send medical aid, food supplies, rescue people that could be buried under land. Basically, drones can help throughout the process.
  • Serval Project: This was a technology that was developed post a major earthquake in Haiti. During natural disasters, everything gets destroyed, and even the network towers. This makes it hard for people to communicate. In these situations, Serval Project comes to rescue. The task that it performs is commendable, because it can help people stuck in the disaster to communicate with each other, even when they do have any network. It has actually helped to save several lives and inform the alive people about others in serious conditions. Those people reach the place on time, before any more loss occurs.
  • NASA Finder: This is a tool that was created by the American Aeronautics department- NASA. It is an extremely helpful tool, because it can detect a human from some distance. During earthquakes, a lot of people get buried under land. NASA Finder can determine heartbeat of people from a distance of 30 feet when the land is broken. When there is concrete surface, it can detect up to 20 feet. It has helped to save people’s lives under extreme circumstances.    
  • Social Media: This technology has contributed massively to prevent people from a disaster, and also during the destruction. People can post on social media websites about their safety status by marking themselves as safe during a disaster. The use of social media is not only limited to that, because campaigns can be organized that aim at collecting funds from people that would be interested in helping. Along with money, they can also send other materials like clothes, utilities, groceries, because disasters cause the whole system to collapse. In previous times, it was almost impossible to reach the place and provide help. Social media has turned out to be a miracle for people in trouble.
  • TERA: Also known as Trilogy Emergency Relief Application, it is an application that can majorly help people in disasters. This application lets people to inform the agencies about the status of their health. It can enable those agencies to send help immediately and save people in critical condition. This system allows people to send text message to a nearby agency.
  • ALIRT: Also known as Airborne Ladar Imaging Research Testbed, it is a technology that helps to create three dimensional images of the affected area. This is helpful, because it can compare the current status of the place to an earlier stage, which can determine the loss of property, lives and other important aspects within that area. This technology is so effective, that it can even identify the loss of lives by comparing it from previous data.
  • Google Person Finder: It’s use can be determined from the name of the application itself. It is used to find displaced people during a disaster. It is not a mobile application, but a web application, which can be used by the people and they can inform their friends and family about their status. This feature has helped to reduce the stress that families take when their loved ones get stuck in some disaster. People used to visit the affected place themselves to check on their friends and family. Truly, Google Person Finder has reduced the distance, not physically but virtually.         

Constant research is being done on these technologies and better versions of them are being developed, which would help to save lives of more people. Sending help at the correct time is a major benefit that all of these technologies offer. Identifying the disasters, even before they occur has actually saved several lives, because people had enough time to reach some other place and seek shelter. Social media helps to spread the news like wildfire, which is quite beneficial for this purpose.

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