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Use Google Classroom With The Help of These 4 Tips

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There are many middle school teachers who are in search of the tools and resources to save time and make their tasks a bit easier. Most of the times a large portion of your class period is consumed in the process of collecting student work and ensuring that students are familiar with the upcoming assignments. To ease their lives, many teachers have started using Google Classroom that helps in classroom management.

What is Google Classroom?

Before you learn about using Google Classroom, it is necessary to know about what actually it is. This is how Google describes the Classroom:

The classroom is a free web-based platform that helps in integrating your G Suite for Education account with all your G Suite services. These include Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Calendar. Classroom helps in saving on a lot of time and paper and makes it easy to form classes, issue assignments, communicate and stay managed.

1. Creating a Class and Adding Students

Google Classroom helps in allowing the teachers to create a unique class for every class that they are teaching. Just in three mouse clicks and a few keystrokes, you are able to create a class. Google classrooms are divided into different sections.

In the student section, the teachers can easily see all the students who are there in their class. They may also add students to their class manually. Also, the students may join their class by using their own Google account. A class code is provided by Google Classroom when teachers create a class. The class code is shared with all the students who are a part of that class. Students can easily log into their Google accounts by using their computers, laptops, or Chromebooks and use the code to join their class.

In the student section, the teachers can determine if their students have the allowance of commenting on the questions, announcements, and assignments created by them. If the teachers want, they can also choose to be the only one who is able to post and comment in the class.

2. Using Google Classroom Assignments

Assignments are considered to be best to gather the work of the students and provide them with the right feedback and grades. While creating an assignment, the teachers can provide specific guidelines for that particular assignment; due date and the topic etc. If the teachers are mentioning the due date for that assignment, this means that the students will have time until 11:59 PM on the date of submission. If the assignments are submitted after the due date, Google Classroom accepts it but marks it as a late submission.

Apart from this, one of the best features of Google Classroom Assignments is that the teachers can easily add files into the assignments that they create. A file can be added from the computer, or from Google Drive or a link of the website.

Besides this, the students can submit all sorts of files to the classroom. The submitted work of the students can be directly opened by the teachers from the classroom. Even the grades can be given to them there and then.

3. Spark Discussions with The Questions Feature

Google Classroom allows the teachers to ask questions in a specific class. Along with the assignments, the teachers can also add files to the questions that are posted by them. It all depends upon the teachers to either post short answer or multiple questions for their students to participate in the classroom. While the students are answering multiple choice questions, Google classroom helps in tabulating the results for that particular question and shows the breakdown of the students’ answer to the teachers.

Pro Tips for Using Questions:

By making use of the question feature, it becomes easy, to begin with a discussion in the classroom, acquire the groundwork of the information and test the knowledge of the students.

In order to provide distinction, the teachers can also post a video in the question and guide the students about the same.

4. Announcements for Students

In addition to creating assignments and questions, Google Classroom helps in allowing the teachers to also create announcements. Students can easily respond to the announcements and even the teachers can respond back by forming a thread. Actually, the whole class can be involved in the conversation based on one announcement.

Announcements can be considered a great way of posting reminders about the due dates of the assignments.

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