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USA’S Best Places to Visit

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Travelling is a very beautiful experience for the ones’ who know how to enjoy every bit of it. It has numerous perks and gives you plenty of time to be yourself. Spending some time travelling to whatever place you want is like giving your mind some break from the monotonous routine. It allows you to meet new people and you get to know about varied thoughts and learn something from their experience. I personally aspire to visit the best tourist’s places of the world. If you are a bit like me, you have reached the right place my friend. Here are some of the best tourist’s destinations of the most powerful nation of the world, USA.


City with a huge number of theatres, museums and restaurants, has topped the list. The city is labelled as the trendsetter and is giving the most astonishing style statements to the rest of the world. It comprises of 5 boroughs, giving it a unique look from the top of globe. The place has given birth to many brands, like Fifth Avenue, Levi’s, H&M, Topshop, Forever 21 and many more. And we all know about MoMa and the Met- the great art collections.


The city offers many historical heritage sites to tourists to visit. They get to know more about past of one of the most visited USA’s city. The place has once served as the capital of the nation. If you are a party animal, it’s the best place for you. Its nightlife is super active with flourishing restaurant scenes.

  1. MAUI

The city offers varied choices to the visitors. It is rich in animal life (has wildlife sanctuaries). It has various historical sites as well. For the dance lovers, the city has professional hula dancers, just enjoy your heart out in Maui. The other key highlights are-

  • Sea turtles
  • Famous Beaches- Wailea beach, Kaanapali beach and Old Lahaina luau
  • Golf clubs
  • Home to Haleakala- world’s largest volcano

The natural wonder is situated in the northern Arizona is now designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The figure of tourists which it gets per year is 4.5 million. The most facilities are provided at Bright Angel Trail. If you are interested in hiking and adventurous stuff, visit North Rim.


It is a country in Northern California, also described as Napa’s rustic and less-refined. If you wish to spend some time alone in some place, Santa Rosa is the best place in the country. It has huge number of museums and restaurants. You can label it a wine country destination.


As said by John F. Kennedy, it’s a “City of Southern efficiency and northern charm.” It has many marbled monuments and high-profile politicos. It is a government-driven town and has turned out to be a fast-paced East Coast vacation destination. The city has very attractive neighborhoods. It is also a center for cultural activities. Moreover, it’s a hub for cafes, clubs, boutiques and restaurants. The magnificent places the city has are-

  • White House
  • Washington Monument
  • US Capitol
  • Smithsonian
  • National Museum of Natural History
  • Tidal Basin

Just get rid of all the dilemma and plan your holiday in these cities.

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