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Try These Things When You Are In Montreal

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Montreal is the largest and the most beautiful city in the Quebec province in Canada. It is situated on the island in the Saint Lawrence River. And if you don’t know, then it would be a surprise that it has been given a name after Mt.Royal, which is the triple-peaked hill at its heart and due to this fact; this place is called ‘Montreal’.

If you are one of those who want to travel to Canada and want to visit the most beautiful and appealing places over there then Montreal is undoubtedly the best of all.

Now that, if you are planning to visit Montreal, then I am your girl. I will be telling you some of the most happening and lively places in Montreal to explore. Besides this, I will bediscussing each and every place that is worth visiting and should not be skipped out.

So, just hold your breath and take a look at the list of not to be skipped places in Montreal:

Basilique Notre Dame

Fancy, it’s the place where Celine Dion got married and is one of the finest religious monuments in Montreal. It has one of the most gothic facades in the world and strikingly the most beautiful chapel at the back. A lot of visitors and travel enthusiasts come over here to enjoy the beautiful interior of the building and feeling the most curative religious vibes over here.

The Mont-Royal

In my view, I think it’s the best place to start with, if you are wondering to give a visit to Montreal, then start from here. This is a place where you can go for a walk and it’s not just a walk only because you will see that the Belvedere Observatory will give you an amazing view of downtown Montreal there when you will walk beside it. Not only this, but the mountains on the South Bank is another great view your eyes can feel attracted to. Yet another thing is there to visit which is “The Mont-Royal” which is totally free of cost. You won’t have to spend bucks to have the leisure of this amazing scenery. You people can also take a bus ride if you think that you cannot walk long. So, don’t forget to go for an alluring walk over The Mont-Royal when you will visit Montreal.

Food Tour

Montreal is a place for foodies as well. It has some good places where people from all over the world can come over and enjoy the most delicious food and cuisines. It is comparatively a good place for foodies and cravers than other cities in Canada. Among the various eatable tours over widespread places in Canada, “Mile End Food Tour with Local Montreal Food tours” is the best one which is offered in winter times more. Montrealers love to eat out and enjoy the coolest temperature here. Technically, Montreal has more restaurants per capita than New York City.

So wear your eating pants if you are planning to explore the adorable places and enjoying different cuisines in Montreal.

Coffee- break

Some people really can’t imagine life without coffee. Even the people who work for various shifts working day and night, they take short pleasurable breaks to have coffee and Montreal has some good café coffee outlets. Montreal has some good hipster-approved Instagram Coffee shops too. If you love to have cortado or Irish Coffee or soy latte, then you can enjoy the most delicious coffee flavors over here in Montreal. You must try the coffee here when you pay a visit to Montreal.

Bixi ride along the Lachine Canal

Montreal also has a bike-sharing system and if you are not aware of it then I will tell you that this bike or bicycle sharing system is not only framed for moving from point A to Point B but you can also enjoy the most beautiful scenic paths over here by availing these bicycle rides. You can go for a ride starting from the Lachine Canal. There are various types of payments you will have to make on the basis of the time you spend on taking rides such as a 30-minute trip will cost you around $ 2.95 and if you want a day pass, then it is around $5.25.

Montreal Art Galleries

Montreal’s art galleries are a true feast to the visitor’s eyes and you can have the fun and leisure of enjoying the best and super creative art galleries in Montreal. Montreal museums have a great collection of classic as well as modern art for every age. One of the great examples of the collection is Thierry Mugler whose work got famous as Couturissime, it’s a world’s first showcase of Thierry Mugler as a director, photographer and a couturier. He is also known for his best art done for Kim Kadarshian’sMet Gala dress. Next is another biggest art museum of Montreal called Mac where you can explore some even more good art galleries.

Eat Poutine

Eat poutine whenever you will come over here. This is a French Canadian dish that is really very yum and will appeal to your taste buds. So, whenever you come here, eat Poutine. It’s a blend of yogurt with chips with cheese curds gravy. ThePoutinegravy is just like chicken gravy which is light brown and it is a mix of chicken stock, beef, and vinegar. This dish is highly demanded in pubs and diners all over the city here in Montreal. You must also try Poutine because it is not to be skipped dish when you visit Montreal and Montrealers love to eat this serving.

Downtown Montreal

Beneath the skyscrapers, there is a world’s largest underground complex with around 30 concert halls, high-end shopping venues and also some grand civic spaces. This place is famous as Downtown Montreal. Downtown Montreal is a beautiful skyline and also a vast subterranean center. It is a blend of modern and heritage culture and architecture. The visitors can spend the daylight hours at Saint- Catherine Street which as some good boutiques and malls for shopping. In addition to it, one can also have access to the underground city. After the sunset, the visitors can head towards Crescent Street where they can go to various restaurants and pubs enjoying live music and food over there amid Classic Montreal townhouses. Also, there is a Golden Square Mile on the west of downtown Montreal which features the Victorian Mansions of Montreal’s old upper class. The Montreal Jazz festivals are famous among Montrealers and various visitors over there.

So, watch out some good places in Downtown Montreal.

  1. Bell center– When you think about visiting the southwest Montreal, then you must head towards the Montreal Bell Centre which is a vibrant place to enjoy various festivals and events that take place in  Montreal. You can also taste the allure of acclaimed art festivals at the bell center.
  2. Montreal Grevin Wax – Here the visitors can watch the wax statues of their favorite celebrities and artists. Grab the tickets for Montreal Grevin Wax when you come to Montreal to enjoy the best activities over here. In this museum, you can see the life-size wax models of famous actors, politicians, thinkers, athletes of Canada who will be waiting to have some good snapshots and pictures with you.

So, book your stay now and discover the most enjoyable places here in Montreal.

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