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Tips to Maintain Your Blog While Travelling

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tips to maintain travelling blog

I do not know why blogs are reputed to be easy. I know that from the outside, everything seems very simple: you sit at the computer, write an article, choose the photos and two hours later you have your work ready and something else. That’s why there are many people who do not understand that a blog can be a job. But, excuse me, did I say two hours? Hopefully, if it were like this I would upload at least two posts a day. There are articles that take me eight hours, others take me days, others take me weeks. And in the end, this becomes a paradox: you opened a blog to relate your trips but you are more time in front of the screen than travelling. That’s one of the reasons why I travel so slowly: I could not make a quick trip and also write a blog, I would not get the times and I would not enjoy the trip. So, if you go on a trip and you are going to be publishing, I know that you will have to dedicate several hours per day to this work.

Time is worth more than gold if you are travelling

You must have a set schedule during the day when you are not in your workspace. Disorganization is lethal to your adventure, especially if the journey is for recreational purposes.

The advice is: that you devote a specific time, precise and concentrated on the activities that you have pending. If the work requires some attention during the course of the day, try to ensure that your interest in these responsibilities is punctual and does not interrupt the rest of your activities.

Freelance or not, you can work while travelling anywhere in the world

The development of cloud storage platforms and online content editing suites have made the dream of working possible while travelling on a plain by train or down to the coast to relax a bit. How it is done? Very simple!

Google Drive everything great that there is

You can use one of the most popular and complete apps to save files online and consult them anywhere with a connection to the network. Having one of these “clouds” is very simple because when creating a Gmail email, you automatically have free access to almost all the functions of the Google portfolio getting an ecosystem in which to work.

The advantages of Drive are that in addition to being a mobile hard drive, it has an organization system very similar to your computer, that is, you can create folders to organize all your files, but in reality, that is not the highlight.

The application has the option of creating text documents, presentations and spreadsheets such as the Windows Office. You have the option to share these files with anyone through your email and if it is the house mail, you can access and make changes and modifications if you are granted the appropriate permissions.

A post like the one you’re reading now carries the following invisible work behind:

The offline part:

travelling, having experiences, collecting stories, taking notes, taking photos, filming (in my case I do not shoot, but there are many bloggers who do), gather information, think about the idea of ​​the article, start structuring it in your head or on paper.

The online part:

investigate more if necessary, write the text, edit and correct it, choose the photos, edit and optimize them for web, edit the videos, upload everything to WordPress, format it, insert the photos, place epigraphs / labels / categories / Keywords, reread and re-correct, publish and share on social networks.

Ask yourself, then, if you are willing to invest a large part of your travel time in all this.

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