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Tips To Follow Through In The Festive Season

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Festivals are all around. We can see the hustle and bustle everywhere. The markets are filled with huge hoardings and boards with the tag – “Sale! Sale! Sale!”

The lightened streets and the cleaning of the houses make the feeling stronger. Festivals in India are the luster and grace of the country. We get rejoiced during the festive season. Especially, the employees wait for the annual brake from their schedule. The homecoming week is the other major reason for the radiance and excitement in the atmosphere.

But, at some point, there is a sort of problem for the entrepreneur as well as the employees. The feeling of enjoying the festivals and most importantly, Diwali excite them all and focusing on work become a little difficult when the season is almost there. We are here listing some tips to balance yourself and staying in the course.

  • More the work pressure, more is the revenue-

Diwali is a time when most of the start-ups get to do business. It is said that it is the peak time of business. They get a huge number of orders. This situation keeps them really busy in the festive season. The exhilaration and eagerness of attending the festivals with families and the work pressure make their condition a tight spot, resulting in total chaos. So, finding a way to stay focused is of utmost importance. For these founders, Diwali or not, there is no holiday. So, what they need is to work out ways to stay focused during the festive season.

Around 40% of the annual revenue come during this time for a large number of entrepreneurs. This is the motivation for them which keeps them going. It is the chance to widen up the sales and combat the low business during the summer months. So, the hard work will definitely pay. Just keep going.

The founder of The Gourmet Jar when asked about how he manages work and personal life, Apeksha Jain said, “The fact that thousands of people are going to be gifted our products motivates us to push ourselves harder.” He also added, “It’s an exciting time of the year, so there is no feeling of lethargy or lack of focus. The high pressure to ensure all orders are delivered on time is another thing that helps us stay focused.”

  • It is all about balance-

One should know how to balance the professional and personal life. It is very necessary these days to maintain an equilibrium between your Diwali targets and home functions. No doubt work always entwines with personal life, but, one should have to find a solution for the situation.

The CEO of Jugnoo, Samar Singla said he prioritize his tasks, either personal or professional. He added, focusing on the most important things and keeping the things that are not so important at the back burner. He further said, “It helps me clear the clutter and makes things better.”

“The key is to build strong processes and a solid middle management to take care at pressing times.” Bharat Sethi, CEO & Co Founder at iDecorama and the founder of PosterGully also added, “Focus comes not by being always accessible but be having a streamlined reporting and customer delighting culture.”

  • Employees Come First

Besides the entrepreneur, one thing is clear that the employees also put the same amount of efforts to take the organization to another level and they do back-wrecking work even in the festive season to make it a reality. The founders of start-ups know all this and to comfort the employees manage the work accordingly.

Jugnoo provides adjusts with its employees. It on special requests also lend the employees to work from home. Samar Singla, CEO & Co-founder of Jugnoo when asked about his employee policies, he said, “When the employees are unable to take off due to work, we party in the office. For entertainment, we have football, table-tennis, pool-table, fully functional shooting range and also play movies in-house.”

Getting too serious near the festive season is not what is required and it’s not expected as well. Many start-ups follow the smart trick to get the work done from its employees. They make the environment lighter and enjoyable, it is like hitting two marks with one stone. The employees also stay happy and accomplish the targets proficiently.

So, following these tricks and tips will surely help you and your employees to keep going in the festive season while doing the work efficiently.



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