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Tips to Fight Fatigue During Office Hours

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tips to fight fatigue during office hours

We all put huge efforts in getting our desired job. When we are in our college days and aspire for that dream job, we think that we will just nail our office hours and will get the tag of “employee of the month” in the initial time of our job, but, when we get the job and begin to perform our daily chores continuously for a couple of weeks, then the harsh reality comes into being.

For many people, a good part of office timings goes in encouraging themselves to work by setting aside the feeling of fatigue. A survey conducted reports that the employees say that their body becomes to slow down with the passing time of office. Feeling heaviness in their eyes is the initial sign of tiredness and drowsiness. After it, the wandering of the mind commences and concentrating on work becomes hard, then the most followed tip is getting that cup of coffee or energizing yourself with ‘magical drink.’ And, if their fatigue is very strong then they will give a try to flake out at the desk.

At some workplaces, napping or a midday sleep by the employees is not appreciated. They consider it as laziness. Also, some harsh minded people take this as the shortfall of time management skills and the lack of balance between their personal and professional lives of the employees. They say that a worker should avoid tiredness and fatigue attitude at job by getting enough sleep at night.

Here are some of the tips and tricks to get yourself energetic and being more productive at work.

  1. Get effective sleep by putting your mobile away

Sound sleep is what we fail to have in this techie world. According to a study, every third person is going through sleep deprivations and facing many other problems due to lack of sleep. One thing which can be done to improve our state is try sleeping without phone. Keeping phone by the side of the pillow messes with our sleeping patterns and diminish sleep quality.

  1. Do not stick to your chair

Taking a break from work is sometimes what we all need. To maintain pace of work, take frequent breaks, have a chit chat with your co-workers and feel refreshed. It will really help you to stay focused and enhance your energy levels. As per a research, the employees who take short breaks from their work tend to be more productive than the ones who do not.

  1. Get a move-

Movement keeps you active. Get a round of your office place or move around 100 steps and feel retreated. Also, you can do some under-the-desk exercise to get some heed and it will keep you working for longer hours. You can also stand for a while between working hours. Do not sit in the same position for more than an hour, adjust your seating patterns.

  1. Keep a check on your diet

Skipping breakfast is the most common mistake done by several people. Missing meals will never help you to lose or maintain weight. One should have a proper and healthy breakfast to lead a fruitful day. A fiber rich diet is recommended to give a kick start to your day. During lunch, eat low-fat and non-fibrous food. Avoid overeating, keep your tummy light, doing this will make you feel drowsy.

  1. Avoid caffeine and drink plenty of water

Dehydration can be a cause of your laziness. It is often go unnoticed. Water helps to maintain the blood flow to the organs and brain, but, when you skip those glasses of water, all this process slows down, ending in leaving you in the state of frazzle. So, drink at least 3 liters of water a day to avoid these situations. If you do not have the habit of drinking this much water, avoid those coffee mugs and shift to water.

  1. Give your environment a fresh feel-

Modifications in surroundings can be very beneficial. The lighting and temperature of the cabin also influence the mood, so, adjust your environment accordingly.

All these ways will surely help you to boost your energy and you will take your job differently.

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