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Times Confronting Educational Transformation

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An all-pervading need for education has not left it to be a mere choice for anyone of us. It is in fact, like food, clothing and shelter a basic need for all of us. Since ages, the methods for imparting and attaining education have been trending in the same way. The question here is, with so much advancement in almost every sphere of life, isn’t there any need for bringing a revolution in the ways of teaching?

Why the resistance on part of kids towards studies is not noticed seriously? Why is it not felt necessary to let the routine study activities have a change in them?

If noticed properly, the main reason of kids resisting to study is the boredom that studies carries with itself. Kids find no adventure in studying. They are almost, all of the times, forced to study. It has always been a very rare experience to see kids happy while studying, going to school/tuition.

So why has not the need be felt to bring a revolution in the oldest prevailing same teaching techniques?

After emphasizing a lot upon the boredom that students face and the same old traditions being followed in imparting knowledge and information, DIGITAL PAATHSHALA came up as a revolutionary rocket with a motive to fill the lives of students with fun and colorful spark.

DIGITAL PAATHSHALA aims at providing tuitions to students from class 4th to class 10th. The foundation on which the base of digital paathshala is laid upon, “bringing a difference in the methods of teaching students.”

The institution aims at:

  • Strengthening the base of students
  • Making studies interesting
  • Teaching through technology
  • Helping students by teaching them in their way of attaining knowledge
  • Applying fun-to-learn ways for students

Proper care is taken to maintain an adventurous internal environment for the students. The students here are made to learn to love studies and are never pushed to study. The focus is placed on each student with regard to his/her abilities. The teaching staff is expertise in its field and is able to carefully deal with students having different abilities with patience.

The students here are motivated to learn through the motivational lectures every weekend. They are made to learn things easily by using real life/everyday examples. Thus, an attempt has been made on part of DIGITAL PAATHSHALA to change the oldest prevailing methods of teaching.


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