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The Reality That is Not Real: Virtual Reality

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The Reality That is Not Real: Virtual Reality

Humans often feel that the reality they reside in is the only reality, but unfortunately this is not true. There are several realities or parallel universe, as some scientists claim, wherein each person is completely different from its current reality.

It is a wide topic that can be discussed for hours, so it is better to leave it as it is and discuss about a reality that is built using technology. Yes, the things imagined in the past have now turned into reality, because technology is evolving at an amazing rate, which is giving rise to unimaginable inventions.

Virtual Reality is a technology that is changing the way industries operate. It refers to the technology in which a reality is created, which is actually not real and only comprises of digital images. Virtual Reality’s use is not only limited to that, because it is also being used for recreational and entertainment purposes.

The gaming industry is observing the biggest changes, because gamers were always fascinated about getting involved in a game’s environment. Many Virtual Reality platforms are being built, that enable the gamers to dive in a specific character’s skin, and to feel the character’s value to its core.   

Virtual Reality platforms are serving several sectors, and all of these have given them a chance to increase their efficiency, profits and decrease the occurrence of errors. From Health to Education, it has become highly essential to realize the importance.

  • Gaming: This was the first industry that implemented Virtual Reality. Famous platforms like PlayStation and Xbox built accessories, that have allowed the users to get involved in the games, allowed gamers to use them as weapons or other devices related to the game. Some platforms that have established a good market include: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR. They all come with a headset that has to be worn over the eyes, which is tied on the head using a strap. Along with that, a device is given to the users to hold even better, they can use a driving wheel to play racing games.  
  • Military: Governments are aware about the money that has to be spent on military, because it is vital to train the army men efficiently, as they act as the first line of force for any nation. In the past, training them meant taking them in the field and spending tremendous amounts of money. With the introduction of Virtual Reality, the tasks have become simpler because now simulations can be used. Simulation means when a real environment is created, that can be hard to differentiate, once a person wears the headset. They can be trained to drive vehicles, detonate bombs, use weapons. Simulation is so powerful that a person can adapt the concept in no time, when they actually get in the field.       
  • Healthcare: This is another sector that is majorly using Virtual Reality platforms. As healthcare requires extra care from a doctor’s side, it becomes essential to train them accordingly, to avoid problems later. Surgeries have to performed with precision, and any mistake in it can lead to serious consequences. Simulation is also helping future doctors to practice their skills on a dummy, using handheld devices. It gives them a chance to make mistakes, without having to worry about any harm. Use of VR is not only limited to surgeries, because it also being used to treat phobias of patients. Patients can be exposed to their fears and they do not have to stress about getting hurt. Their anxiety related to the fears can be completely removed, without any significant effort.   
  • Education: Students want to learn in ways that can help them to remember facts. They learn better when they visualize, which has also been proven in many studies. Virtual Reality in Education can be used to showcase the internal working of human body, to clear concepts better. They can be taken to trips virtually, which would help the schools and colleges to save costs and also get the tasks done. Moreover, students would feel excited to attend classes and it is believed to be the best way to engage students.

Applications of Virtual Reality have been discussed. The next step is to observe the statistics, to understand the use of Virtual Reality in a better way.

  • More than 170 Million people throughout the world are using Virtual Reality in some way or another.
  • United States of America spent around $6.4 Billion on Virtual Reality in the year 2018.
  • Finance of Gaming for Virtual Reality will touch $15.1 Billion by the end of year 2019.
  • The job market for Virtual Reality Gaming observed an increase of 93 percent between three years- 2015 to 2018.
  • Out of all the applications of Virtual Reality, Gaming industry is believed to be the biggest investor. Around 60 percent of investors believe that it is wise to invest in gaming, before it becomes a huge sector.
  • There are not a lot of people that use Virtual Reality devices on daily basis, because statistics claim that around 28 percent of people are daily users.  

Most of the aspects that must be known by a layman have been covered here. It gives an idea about the scope of Virtual Reality in several fields. Along with doing inventions, it is vital to make changes to improve the current devices. Virtual Reality is indeed a revolution and it has started to improve people’s lives.

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