The New Generation Iphone X

Celebration the 10th anniversary of Apple’s smartphones, the company has launched iPhone X featuring latest technology and thoroughgoing redesign. Apple has unveiled the £1,000 iPhone X, the latest gadget of its flagship store. The device has a 5.8-inch OLED all glass edgy display and no home button. The phone unlocks using facial recognition software and get wirelessly charged.

The phone will release with two versions: a 64GB version, which will start at £999, and a more expensive 256GB version for £1,149 – steering in the era of the £1,000 smartphone. It will not ship until later this year. The iPhone X will be available for pre-orders on October 27 and be released generally on November 3.

Key features of iPhone X

  • 3D tracking technology will be used to unlock the phone
  • Edge-to-edge display screens that cover the whole front of the phone
  • No home button
  • Face ID unlocks the phone using facial recognition software. Works with Apple Pay.
  • New Portrait Lighting feature Machine learning creates facial landmarks and enhances light effects on the face
  • iOS 11 will feature, among other things, peer-to-peer Apple Pay and a redesigned Control Centre
  • Wireless charging is already in use for the Apple Watch and will now be integrated into iPhones
  • The iPhone X has dual 12-megapixel cameras with faster aperture and has dual optical image stabilization which means potentially better low light photos than the predecessors could offer.
  • New feature on the iPhone X is that You can swipe across the bottom of the screen to go between apps.
  • Control Center has been moved to a swipe down gesture from the top right corner.
  • 8″ ‘Super Retina’ display Supports HDR in Dolby Vision and HDR10 and True Tone
  • 64GB and 256GB Costs from £999 for 64GB version and £1,149 for 256GB. Available for pre-order from October 27 and ships from November 3.

The phone is landing with all the new features and is equipped with latest and hi technology in a bid to regain the innovation lead.

Wait for 27th October and book your phone if you want the latest hi tech gadget in your hands.

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