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The New ‘Captur’ Will Capture Your Attention

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Renault, the French automaker is all set to launch its new automobile in India, the Captur. The brand new SUV will stand poles apart featuring much better than the Duster. Renault has begun its flagship products with the Captur in the nation and it is tagging it as a premium SUV as the French multinational automobile manufacturer has designed it with a strong crossover DNA. The vehicle manufacturer has announced the statement after spending months in testing its new SUV in the country.

The Captur has different spellings for different countries. In Russia, it is called Kaptur. The SUV is spelled ‘Captur’ in Brazil as well. Only the spellings vary; not its features or traits. The 100-year-old automobile manufacturer has used Euro-spec Clio in its new models of the vehicle but has earlier sold many ‘Captur’ equipped with the technology used in ‘Duster’ in Brazil and Russia. India will also get the earlier version of the technology as the manufacturers are assuming greater amount of sale in the Asian country than sold in Europe.

No exact numbers have been released by the French automobile manufacturer as the company is thinking to sell the tested versions of Petrol and Diesel engines of the Duster in the country. That too will be done for the transmission options. The company claims that the new Captur is more of a crossover than SUV. The statement has increased curiosity amongst the interested persons and they are expecting wheel-drive technology in the Captur. The five seated arrangement of the car is supposed to give a tough competition to the Hyundai Creta. If we compare the three SUVs- Renault Duster, Renault Captur and Hyundai Creta, the features are as follows-

  • Length- Renault Captur is the lengthiest amongst all with 4329 mm dimensions while the Duster is 4315mm and the Creta is 4270mm long.
  • Width- The maximum width is 1822mm and that is of Renault Duster. Captur is 1813 mm wide and Creta is the smallest having width of 1780mm.
  • Height- The maximum height of the automobile amongst them is 1695mm of Renault Duster.
  • Wheelbase- Renault has taken the same dimensions of wheelbase of its two models -Duster and Captur, 2673mm.
  • Boot Space- Renault Duster has the maximum boot space of 475 liters.

The French auto manufacturer has priced the base model of the Duster at Rs. 8.29 lakhs while the top most model buyers have to pay an amount of Rs. 13.46 lakhs while the counter-part, Hyundai has priced the Creta at the minimum ex-showroom price of Rs. 8.92lakhs and the highest ex-showroom price is Rs. 14 lakhs. Renault has not released the price range of the Captur, but if we talk about it and guess it, it may begin from around Rs. 13 lakhs (the base model) while the top most model may be priced around Rs. 16 lakhs.

If you have can wait for the right car with the right budget and with the latest technology, Maruti and Hyundai are coming up with crossover vehicles in India with refreshed versions soon.

The number of dealership outlets of the Renault has increased to 300 in India and has made the automobile manufacturer the fastest to touch the mark in just 5 years.

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