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The Lavish Eighth Generation Phantom

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eighth generation phantom

The British luxury, RR has popped up with their best ever and the most awaited grandeur design of Phantom series. The Phantom-VIII luxurious car model has been modified and designed in a manner with such features for the class of people who want to own things better than the best. In the recent exemplar by Rolls Royce, the carmaker for the high stated people out there, the characteristics of the new generation of Phantom are plotted in a such a way that are unbeaten by the existing cars.

Disclosing the main traits of the love of the car enthusiasts-

  1. Aluminum spaceframe- Exterior, the most influential section of Phantom-VIII is an aluminum spaceframe correlating with Phantom-VII, the predecessor of the classic model by Roll Royce. The manufacturing company states that this car model is lighter in weight than the former models. The stiffness is increased by 30% in the new Phantom model, making the brand new model businesslike. Moreover, the wheel base coaches are standardized and extended through the new design of the spaceframe. Rolls Royce owner has stated that the platform of the SUV will be undergirded in the Cullinan and in the upcoming models of the Ghost, Wraith and Dawn.
  2. 75 liter Engine- In the recent generation of Phantom series, the luxury car makers could not accomplish their dream of the most silent car in the world. To achieve the target, the architect of RR wanted immense low-end torque. But if we keep out of our mind, the engine is still designed the best till date. The V12 engine with 6.75litres is capable of producing 571PS/900Nm. The vast V12 is added for the first-time ever by any luxury car-makers.
  3. Triple-digit speed- The stupendous architecture and designing of the giant car model is assisting it to clinch a triple-digit speed with revolutions 1700 per minute with 900Nm of torque and the big gain is that the model is able obtain all the qualities without creating any folderol. The extravagant comfort of the lavish customers is the main idea behind the design Phantom’ brand new model. Talking about its speed, the 2.5 tones weighing automobile can catch 100kmph in just 5.3 seconds.
  4. High Tech used- The BMW owned Rolls-Royce has emerged up with an electronic architecture which is efficient enough to outclass everything that has come up in the history. To mention the dimension, the auto is 20 feet long and 6.5 feet wide.

Salient Features-

  • Active cruise control
  • Night vision and vision assist
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • All round visibility with helicopter view
  • Collision and pedestrian warning
  • Cross traffic warning
  • Lane departure and lane-change warning
  • Outstanding points to be noted performed by the engineers-
  • In the boot cavity weighing 130kgs and in the door, high absorption materials are used within the headliner.
  • The complete body of the car is varnished with a 6mm dual layer.
  • A specific foam layer is placed on the “Silent-Seal” tyres and the noise is reduced by 9db.
  • Double skin alloys have been used to reduce the on road noise. Dense foam layers are used between the floor and bulky head of the spaceframe.

Though the car is having a small sales number but its elite class customers are more than satisfied with Rolls-Royce Phantom-VIII because this is something they were looking for over the years in the Phantom series.

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