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George Soros, the globalist billionaire is financially supporting the all-new fact-detecting software will be first used by the British journalists. The father of the ‘Bullshit Detector’ is tagging the software as the “immune system” of the fake news proliferating in the market.

The software off course needs to be tested with precision before allowing its entry in the broadcasting world. The online journalists of UK will be testing it in the month of October of the current year.

The British Organization of Full Fact, the creator of the fact-detecting software, funded the investment of $500 million with the collaboration of the Hungarian financier George Soros’s Open Society Foundations and the founder of e-commerce giant eBay, Pierre Omidyar’s Omidyar Network.

“Journalists would have that transcript in real time and they would be able to say, for example, ‘I can see here that you’ve said poverty is down, but actually there are two measures of poverty – one is going up and one is going down, so why did you choose to pick that one?’”, explained Full Fact communications manager Mevan Babakar last month.

Journalists will get the software later this year and it is connected to the company’s database.

The current tool version works with the live news programs, broadcasts of Parliament, the Hansard parliamentary record, articles published in the newspaper and the politicians repeat claims for instance claimed by Full Fact.

The current version will be updated to make it capable of fact-checking by accessing the official data informed the researchers in cooperation with the Official of National Statistics.

The experience of watching the politics news is going to change. Another version of the fact detecting software manifested by ‘The Guardian’ had “fact checks” pop up on the television screens, making it difficult for the politicians, checking when they were speaking and giving instants of the realism of their claims. ‘The Question Time’ on the British’s news channels, BBC will also be transmuted.

Modern technology allows misleading claims to be spread at a faster rate than ever before,” said Full Fact director Will Moy, adding: “The next step is to develop a global infrastructure for automated fact-checking.”

“Independent, reliable journalism is the cornerstone of open societies and through these new, transformative tools Full Fact will make a vital contribution to defending and strengthening this work” said a spokesman for Soros’s international grant making network, Open Society Foundations.

A partner at the Omidyar Network, Stephen King, said that the software version which will be available to the journalists globally till 2018 ‘’will expand the reach and impact of fact-checkers around the world, ensuring citizens are properly informed and those in positions of power are held accountable”.

The owner of the eBay, Pierre Omidyar, has spent a large amount to avoid speeches against the organizations over the internet.

2014’s European Parliament Elections were influenced by George Soros’s sponsorship of $6million to the firm, as revealed by the leaked papers of Open Society Foundations.

A report by Breitbart London which it is terming as “hate speeches” across the country, are the radical funded numerous projects to “monitor”, “shame” and “ridicule”.

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