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Technology and Education in All Spheres of Life

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technology and education in all spheres of life

Education has turned out to be the backbone of a person who wants to do something great and achieve heights in his/ her life. It has become as important for the children as a body part is to a living being. The current decade has seen many transformations in all aspects of life. Technology is proliferating in every field of the universe. No field is left untouched by the techies. They have shown the power of technology and reflect which a human mind can achieve with hard work and acute dedication.

The technology has also transmuted the ways of learning. Education has now emerged as ‘Digital Education.’ Gone are the days of chalk and talk. The dusty chalks have been replaced by videos and presentations. All the explanations of the topics are incorporated in the videos and the role of the teachers has reduced to a great extent. All the topics of the curriculum now come in the form of videos, CDs, recordings, online lectures and many other forms. This has depleted the efforts of the teachers in explaining the concepts to the students and save a lot of their time and energy which they can use in making those videos and lectures. Using a blackboard has now become a superannuated way of teaching as well as learning.

The use of modernized ways of learning has transformed the personality of the students. Children of today’s era are much smarter and intelligent now as compared to the earlier times. A 3-year-old knows how to operate the gadgets in an efficient manner whereas; our elders have to learn about the usage. This is the time of being smart. Only hard work is not sufficient to ace the competitive world. So why not we began the efforts from tinder age and educate the students using the latest gadgets which the techies have developed for the betterment of the society.

The schools are putting great efforts to keep up with time. The primary and secondary schools are ranked at the top position to incorporate the digitalized way of teaching the students and taking the smarter way of imparting knowledge to them. Instead of digging holes for the blackboards, the schools are now making some space for the wired connections for the projectors and computers. The normal classrooms are now transformed in to the room filled with the gadgets and technology driven equipments. Such schools are tagged as ‘smart schools’ or ‘digitalized schools’.

You can find any topic of any class over the internet. Internet is now the mentor and act as a boon for the ones who cannot afford the expensive tuition classes of the smart coaching centers. You can find the whole series of lectures of any subject or any course on YouTube, Unacademy and countless more. The internet has attracted infinite mentors and they are providing free lectures to the students. The government is also focusing on the digitalized ways of teaching the students. The Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi has announced that the IIT and PMT aspirants will get the lectures on Doordarshan channel of Indian TV.

Learning in a digitalized way is fun and involving. One should opt for it to save time and efforts.

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