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Struggles of an Average Student

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struggles of an average student

Student phase is the most important part of your life as it lays the foundation for the rest of your life. Being successful is the only way to earn respect today, as the time has changed and no one wants to keep any relationship with the unsuccessful people as they will not adhere to the standards of successful ones. Keeping in mind these things, every parent want their child to be successful, but the quandary is at its peak when their ward lies in the list of average students.

The changed and transmuted mentality of the society has transformed the life of an average student. Only an average student would know how the other student who is not ‘the best in studies’ feels and what’s his/her status of mind.

It’s not the era of being an average.


Knowing the fact, parents still give their heart and soul to uplift their child’s performance and provide the best possible education to him/her. And, the real journey of that ‘average student’ begins, unfortunately, if he/she comes from a middle-class family, then it is not less than a hard nut to crack in todays’ world of rat race. The parents try their level best and fulfill all the requirements and demands of their child, whether they can afford it or not but they give their 100% in their ward’s upbringing and development. No matter they want it or not, the child comes to know about the conditions and the situation of his/her family when he/she reaches a certain age.

All this increases pressure on student’s mind. And, in most of the cases, it results in deteriorated outcomes in almost every field of life. A teenager is not that efficient to control his/her mind while concentrating on studies and other important aspects of life. But also, they do not want to drop their family’s dream like flies. It is one of the most difficult situation in student’s life, neither he/she can focus nor forget the parents’ expectation.

Teenage is the period of life when you want to do all the hard work in addition to follow your dreams. It is that part of life when one intent to pursue his/her dream except studies. Many of you might be interested in making your career in sports or some of you might be passionate about singing. Here, also comes another ‘but.’ The major reason for the mass to not follow their dream and regret the rest of their life is that our society does not consider those passions as ‘suitable career options.’ Every other known person begins to interfere in your life and give suggestions about career choice.

Passion is everything!

When you are not allowed to move in the desired direction, it eventually results in making you feel like a fish out of the water. You are neither into studies nor in your zeal. All these obstructions cut you to the quick and you can’t concentrate on fulfilling neither parents dream nor yours. This leads to an increased and high-level frustration leaving you with downgraded results. Even if you try to do what your family wants, it is like beating the air.

So, one should be allowed to follow what he/she hounds for.

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