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Some Must- Have Travel Apps of 2018

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The best travel applications help in keeping you in the know. You do not only get the information but tips, warnings, and insights are also provided through travel applications.

Say the price of a flight unexpectedly plummets, while you are planning for a trip. You will need a notification for that.

Also, if you are planning to go on a long-distance drive but an accident has occurred up ahead and the road is closed for sometime. If you get a notification regarding this on your phone, you will be able to keep your trip stress- free as you can either reroute or can change the destination.

Right travel applications can help in making your travel experience smoother and enjoyable.

There are numerous travel apps that have cluttered up the Android and Apple stores nowadays. But most of the applications are terrible.

It is difficult to sort out the useless apps and installing the worth ones on your smartphones.

If you are planning for a trip and do not want to waste your time downloading and installing useless junk, check out the list of some of the best travel applications below:

  1. Lounge Buddy
  2. Air Help
  3. Airbnb
  4. Hostel World
  5. Sky Scanner
  6. Hotel Tonight
  7. Triplt
  8. Open Rice
  9. Detour
  10. Trail Wallet

Lounge Buddy

It is very difficult to spend long periods of time waiting around the airports. Most of the people prefer to fly on budget airlines which have long layovers, dirty seats, poor connections, and bad food. The only places that are free from all the kinds of problems are the lounges. But if you do not have a membership or tickets of business class, you would not be let in the lounges.

For taking out this pain, Lounge Buddy helps a lot. The only thing you have to do is to enter your credit card details, the status of airline and the app will let you know the lounges available at a particular airport. For people who don’t have credit cards or memberships of lounges, the application tells you about any free lounges or any other lounge for which you can buy a day pass that too at a nominal charge. The application is for free and is very easy to use.

Air Help

Have you ever undergone the discomfort of a canceled or a delayed flight? Air Help will be right up for you. There are many US and EU laws that provide compensation, though there are some differences in the details. Though the process is complicated but seemingly only 1% of the passengers who once get entitled to compensation, get it.

With the help of Air Help, the process can be made simple and easy. The only thing that you have to do is to enter your flight details and the problems that you are facing. The rest is taken care by the company. If you are successful in claiming your money, 25% of the payout will be taken by them and you will receive the remaining amount. If anyone else is facing the same problem as you do; by sending them to get the company’s help, you will receive a referral bonus.


From locals, you can rent rooms, couches, or apartment with the help of Airbnb. Airbnb is loved by many people because it is a happy medium to get cheaper options than the hotels and hostels. Everything is done at the tips of your fingers.

Hostel World

Just like any other accommodation booking application, Hostel World helps in searching and filtering and do everything in an effective manner. It is very easy to find out that the hostel that you like is near you or not. All this is done with the help of a full- screen interactive map. Also, the most important reviews are just a tap away.

Sky Scanner

To find cheap flights, sky scanner is an effective method. This mobile application is able to explore millions of flights from 1200 sources. With the help of this application, you will be able to get the best options. You can find out the cheapest days and months during which you can travel. You will also get a notification of a change in prices.

Hotel Tonight

Through Hotel Tonight, you can get last- minute discounts on empty rooms of the hotels. It takes only a while to book a room and the app is incredibly to use. By making use of a map, you can search either by a city or attraction.


With the help of this application, your upcoming travel itinerary can be organized effectively. You only have to send emails to them and have to mention the details regarding hotel, flight, and restaurant. All the information will be automatically transferred to your canceled master itinerary. This way, you can see all your plans at once. If you are using pro version, the company will help you in finding out the alternative routes in case, your flight gets delayed or cancelled. You will also get notifications about flight delays, flight cancellations, etc.

Open Rice

The yelp of Asia, Open Rice helps in finding out the most popular restaurants of a city, menus, booking numbers, and many more. It is well- known in Southeast Asia and has listings for Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines.


An amazing GPS- guided audio walk, Detour provides a mesmerizing experience in almost 17 cities around the world. A local guide, who knew everything about the city, narrates each audio tour. It helps you in getting below the surface of the city. New York, Barcelona, San Francisco, Austin, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, Portland, Savannah, Charleston, Rome, Berlin, Chicago, Paris, London, and Marrakech are some of the places for which Detour have tours currently.

Trail Wallet

A travel expense tracker, Trail Wallet helps in taking out the stress of expense tracking. With the help of this app, all the expenses of a trip can be easily organized. It is available for IOS only. Whenever you receive a bill, the only thing that you have to do is to pull out your phone and then add the amount of expense.

There are constant changes in the app world and the number of travel applications is huge. Through these applications, you can travel better, cheaper, and longer. The above- mentioned travel apps are some of the best travel apps of 2018. Download them before you plan your next trip.

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