Secondary Effects of Consuming High Amount of Sugar

Sweet, the generic name of sugar does not go with its nature. It’s liked by many people but the effects it has on your body will not be appreciated by you. It only tastes sweet and that too, for very short period. After reading the side effects of sugar, you will surely want to restrict its consumption in your diet plan.

The damages which it has on your body are:

  1. A Leading Cause of Dementia:

According to a recent research conducted at University of Bath, it has been found that the molecules of sugar and early Alzheimer’s are linked. It has been discovered that important enzymes of human body face damage through a reaction in which glucose affects cells which is termed as glycation by the scientists.

  1. Adverse Effect on Heart:

Huge number of American adults were examined by the researchers at Harvard University in the period of 15 years. It has been found that those people who eat more than 25 percent of the daily requirement of calories in the form of sugar are highly under the risk of gaining heart diseases as compared to those who have limited their sugar intake to 10 percent a day.

  1. It Affects Your Body As Alcohol Does:

Fructose, the other form of sugar, is filled in fruits. Our liver processes it. These days, the hike in the consumption of food items with added sweeteners which are directly increasing the risk of NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) has been noticed. The scientists are carving new term as well-sugar belly. The excess molecules of fructose are broken down into fat globules. It travels through blood stream and your midsection and internal organs give it a shelter. The main reason why the number of cases of liver transplantation has grown is NAFLD. Inflammation and scarring are its other adverse effects.

  1. It Has Led To Common Diabetes:

According to a survey conducted by Canadian Community Health Survey, an average teen age boy of the country is consuming 172 grams of sugar in a day. All of us are aware of the terms obesity and diabetes. Teenagers are attacked by these two diseases the most. The government of Canada says that the country has witnessed multiplication in the Type 2 diabetes and high bad cholesterol cases in the last 30 years.

  1. It May Be The Leading Cause Of Your Premature Death:

A professor at the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, Laura A. Schmidt, fears about how sugar is deteriorating the condition of our bodies. She is the chief investigator for UCSF’s Sugar Science research site and has developed “an authoritative source for the scientific evidence about sugar and its impact on health.”

  1. Injurious for Kid’s Health As Well:

In the Journal of the American Medical Association, a meta-analysis has discovered that even the children are not left untouched by the diverse side effects of sugar. According to Dr. Andrea D’ Ambrosio, a dietician in Kitchener-Waterloo, “It may simply be the environment where certain food is being served that causes children to be more excitable.”

  1. Sugar Is Never Healthy, In Any Form:

Do not feel free to swig those “healthy ready to drink bottled juices.” The tag of “100 percent juice” does not transform them into a healthy drink. The sugar content in these drinks are concentrated which is more injurious for our body. Added sweeteners are present in them in one way or the other. The canned beverages have a very low nutritious value and just serve you with high number of calories.

  1. Excess Amount of Sugar Consumption Has Become Common:

One should only consume 48 grams of sugar in a day as reported by Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. It also unveils the average amount of daily consumption of sugar by an average Canadian. According to it, 100 grams of sugar is the normal daily intake of the residents of the country which is more than the double of the required amount.

So, it is a high time for you to think twice before you satisfy those sugar cravings.

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