Say NO to these 6 Foods at Work

Say-NO-to-these-6-Foods-at-WorkIt is obvious that if you are involved in a full-time job, you would probably bring food to the office to get through the day. Eggs, bananas, and even tea are the foods that help in boosting productivity. But, certain foods must be avoided at work.

There is an understood rule at work that there are some types of foods that are just not acceptable to eat at your desk or in a meeting or break room. But, you might have noticed that there are and will always be “co-workers”, who either don’t know about them or just don’t bother.

Have a look at the following foods that must be avoided at work:

  1. Barbecue

If you are outside or safe at your home, it is best to have a quality barbecue meal. But, the barbecue is not at all the best choice for work as it is extremely cluttered. In addition to destroying your clothes, if you are consuming it in a shared environment, there are chances that your co-workers might not feel comfortable, watching you eat such food.

  1. Candy

You might have seen kids licking a lollipop and creating a good amount of mess. Candies tend to get all over your hands, your mouth and anything you touch. It might look cute when a kid does it. But, the same thing done by any of your co-workers may irritate you.

If you are really fond of snacking on candy, you may choose something that won’t stick over everything. Also, make sure that you eat an only a limited amount of candy.

  1. Popcorn

Popcorn may smell good to some people, but, of course, not everyone would agree. It may become distracting even for the people who enjoy its smell. On burning, it leaves a horrible odor that makes it difficult for some people to get through the smell. If you actually want to have popcorn, you may try popping at home. Adding some raisins, nuts, or other healthy ingredients to plain popcorn, may make a healthy mix.

  1. Broccoli

Broccoli is another food that some people think has a strong smell. Bringing it to work, mixed with other items or consuming it raw will probably be OK. But, you must keep in mind not to heat it as the smell can loiter further harming its texture or color. Another big issue is that broccoli can get stuck in your teeth and people can easily notice it. So, if you wish to consume broccoli, remember to brush your teeth immediately after you are done.

  1. Raspberries or other berries

Raspberries and other berries are very delicious and are considered as a healthy choice for a quick snack. But, you must also know that each raspberry has more than 100 seeds that can stick in your teeth. This way you won’t be able to go around all through the day. So, it is preferred to avoid such kinds of seedy fruits.

  1. Cheetos

Cheetos, though delicious is not at all a work-appropriate snack. These are loud chips to snack on and moreover, cover all your fingers with the orange dust, which you may not realize is all over your paperwork, desk, and laptop. So, in order to avoid such kind of situations, it is best to leave them at least at work.

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