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Revamp Your Life Following These Habits

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In this hectic and stressful life, the one thing which can save you from the proliferating diseases, especially tension and anxiety is your list of habits.

Many people do the same mistake, they ignore their health for work. Focusing on career has become foremost these days but it should not cost your health. The most common habit which todays’ population has crafted in their routine is that they sacrifice their sleep hours to do more work. It directly leads to foggy cognition, weight fluctuation (gain in most of the cases), lethargy and irritability. It’s a misconception that, sleeping for lesser number of hour will give you more time to work, but, people usually forget about the productivity. The habit degrades the performance and quality of the work as well as of the life.

The lifestyle which we adopt in our daily routine decides our fate. It has a huge impact on us. Here are some of the habits which you should induce to lead a better and more fruitful life.


The high beamed and bright lights from the latest electronic gadgets’ screens are affecting us in one way or the other. The most common is that they are responsible for the depleted quality of sleep. They are holding back the formation of melatonin formation in our body. It is a hormone which is associated with sleep.

The two hormones, cortisol and melatonin are reciprocal to each other. The one which helps you to have a sound sleep is melatonin and the productivity of your work and mood upliftment is the task of the former.

Light exposure is required in the morning to tune your circadian rhythm. Having exposure to sunlight in the morning have very soothing benefits. It is the perfect way to begin a new, fresh day with all the positive vibes and energy. It also contains the power to remove your dizziness and boost you up for the whole day. It restrains melatonin hormone and give a kick to cortisol. It is also a good source of Vitamin D. The routine will also improve your immune system and brain functioning. The rarely known advantage of having a morning light exposure is that it also helps with your body weight.


The time at which you wake up should be consistent according to todays’ sort of life standards. It has a scientific reason as well. Our body contains an internal clock which is responsible for operating circadian rhythm, that means, it releases the two hormones, cortisol and melatonin at specific times. Your mood, sleep, appearance and energy levels are somewhat related to these.

The circadian rhythm will get in its required flow, if you wake up the same time each day. By practice your body will become habitual of this and will help you to sleep and wake up with ease. It will enhance the yielding power of your work done.


According to a research conducted at Appalachian State University, they reported that the people who worked out in the morning hours were more comfortable to fall asleep easily. They did an experiment, in which they asked three groups to exercise at different time of day- morning, afternoon and evening. The morning people had a sounder sleep as compared to others. Also, they were able to manage their blood pressure. On the other hand, work out at night was not found to be that beneficial. The main reason was that, at night, excretion of melatonin hormone was interrupted and decreased by the work out session which led to disturbed sleep.

The result was, morning workouts should be preferred as they act as mood and energy booster resulting in better quality of sleep. Moreover, they burnt higher number of calories. The count was 190. Research conducted at Brigham Young University has found that the morning workouts keep you more active during the whole day.

I think you would now be convinced with the technique and know how a small change brought in your habits can just transform your life with a 360-degree angle. It can give your life the much-needed reform.

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