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Remote Sensing is The Backbone Behind Major Technologies

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Technology is developing at an unmeasurable rate, which is changing world for the better. It has helped to complete and automate many tasks that used to be manual in the past. Most of the technologies that are being used are interconnected and affect each other negatively or positively.

With all these technologies, some completely different technologies like space technology is also observing lots of improvements. It has enabled the world to know about the universe outside earth, and made them wonder about life on other planets. But that is a wide topic and can consume several hours to understand the topic in detail.

A topic that is related to space technology- Remote Sensing, is taking the world by storm. It has eased the life of several people around the world. Automobile, Farming, Construction are some of the sectors that are being benefitted from this technology. This is a technology related to Global Positioning System (GPS), which also identifies the position of an object.

Remote Sensing is a technology in which electromagnetic rays are emitted from a satellite, which strike on certain parts and some cameras are fitted on the satellite, that help to create an image. There is not a single satellite. Multiple satellites that orbit the earth are connected with each other, and all of them have their own data centers, that have to communicate to generate effective results. The image generated could further be used for many tasks, and it has actually helped many sectors. Many disasters, accidents have been prevented because of Remote Sensing, which is another factor that indicates about the versatility of this technology.

A fair approach would be to observe the applications of Remote Sensing. Actually, there are large number of applications, and it is not possible to analyze all of them, which is the reason that the major sectors will be evaluated.

  • Search Operations: In earlier times, it was impossible to locate airplanes, ships and other vehicles, without actually visiting the site. Because of it, a lot of money was being consumed to reach the place physically. Even then, it was not a great way, as a complete team had to be sent, in case they found the vehicle. With remote sensing, images can be generated and the places can be analyzed from distance. It saves tremendous cost, along with saving time. When help is sent at correct that, which is as soon as a problem occurs, there are high chances that the people stuck could be saved.
  • Weather Forecasting: This is also a task, which was not possible in the past. It was impossible to even think about forecasting weather. Thanks to modern technology, even the most unimaginable tasks can now be completed, and that too efficiently.Weather Forecasting is helping to take wise decisions, based on the results. Several years back, people had to make a guess, which were not accurate. Remote Sensing is connected with many devices, which has enabled to make this task fairly accurate, for majority of times. Appropriate action was taken before the Tsunami in Japan, and people were sent to shelter camps. Lives of thousands of people were saved. Tsunami in Japan is not the only disaster, scale of many other disasters was also reduced because of this technology. At that time, this technology was not great, but it was still able to offer help. Imagine the scope of Remote Sensing now, as regular developments are being made.
  • Agriculture: This sector is also getting major benefits, as the observation has become automatic. Some years back, farmers had to manually inspect the crops, soil and other aspects. Along with that, watering had to be done by the caretaker. Remote Sensing, when integrated with other systems, is beneficial for agriculture. A drone can hover over the location and send regular updates to the farmer, which would help them to take suitable decisions. This system can also work with weather forecasting and inform the farmer, whether to cover the crops or use pesticides.
  • Managing Traffic: Remote Sensing is being used in this field and traffic is being managed efficiently. The infrared rays help to identify the vehicles in a certain area. If the number is more than the vehicles that can be accommodated, it means that traffic is more. People can be sent that update and they can decide to take a different route to avoid the hassle.
  • Construction: From observing the site to checking regular updates, construction is heavily dependent upon this technology. Engineers can use Remote Sensing to check whether a place is suitable for construction. It was also done for building the biggest building in the world- Burj Khalifa. At that time, people believed that it was impossible to design such a structure in a desert. But, most of the people were wrong, and the decision based on technology was correct. Managing traffic is also directly related with construction, because if a state realizes that traffic is increasing, they can devise better plans and construct more bridges.
  • Military: Military can effectively use this technology, as it can detect irregular activities in suspected areas. A country’s security is their highest priority and what better way, when they can detect illegal activities before they happen. They can hover over terrorist camps, and count the number of people, which can help to make weapons accordingly to attack them. This technology is being implemented on borders of several countries, and it has actually helped the military to detect threat at earliest stage. There is no doubt that attacks could be detected in previous times, but appropriate actions could not be taken, which led to occurrence of those attacks. The most notorious terrorist- Osama Bin Laden, was also killed using this technology. His location was found using Remote Sensing. This technology was extremely accurate, and if any mistake was there, the plan could have failed.
  • Air Quality: Bad air quality is a serious problem in many countries, especially in Asian countries. It has become a real issue and is causing serious health problems for majority of people, that are living in those countries. There is a satellite that has a device, which uses spectrometer to detect the quality of air in the first layer of atmosphere- Troposphere. Identifying the impurities in air can help a government to take actions, which could be related to reducing the number of vehicles on roads. Those methods can potentially reduce these risks and lead to a better environment.
  • Installing Solar Panels: Global Horizontal Irradiance is a part of Remote Sensing, which can detect the intensity of solar energy. It can then be used to determine the location at which solar panels could be installed, to reap maximum output. As most people are aware about the benefits of solar energy, this is a step towards a better energy system, that is cheap and efficient. It was able to identify the intensity correctly for about 95 percent of the times.

These are some major sectors where it is being used, and experiments are being conducted to improve the technology. Though there are some health issues that can harm the human body, because of the infrared rays. That problem can be dealt with, as the advantages outweigh the limitations by quite a margin. Overall, Remote Sensing is a technology that is spreading like wildfire, which is not going to stop anytime soon.

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