Pros and Cons of Different Types of Transportation for Students

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Transportation for StudentsWith so much guidance for students abroad focused on how to go from A to B as cheap as possible, it is worth remembering that all forms of transport have unique advantages and disadvantages, which adapt to different occasions. That’s why we summarize, in general, what you might find.


Travelling by train has many things in its favour. You get a continuous picture and, often, the opportunity to meet local people who are making the same trip. Normally, the trains are affordable, respectful with the environment, scenic, sociable and romantic.

However, trains can be a bureaucratic nightmare to book, for long trips they can be uncomfortable.

Rail travel within many countries is incredibly affordable, and in more expensive places like Europe, you can get rail passes that drastically reduce your costs.

However, once you start looking at international travel by train, prices skyrocket faster than the cost of flying.

It is often the fastest way to get to the world, and on long trips, it is usually the cheapest. The best way to approach flying is a necessity at the beginning and end of your trip, using intermediate terrestrial modes.

However, there are people who feel phobia of flying by plane and this could be a counter for them.


You have to be fit, and in some places be brave, but bicycles are a fantastic and cheap way to get around.

Make sure you hire or buy a reliable one, test the brakes before leaving and press the rubbers to check for punctures.

It is important that you learn to repair the tires if you are going to spend more than a couple of hours in the saddle, and always carry a bicycle pump and plenty of water. Padded cycling shorts can also be an advantage.


Once again, fitness is essential. Even if you walk a lot at home, remember that you could have problems in a different climate. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of proper footwear.

The walk is fundamentally free, but, what you think is exaggerated, you have to learn about dangerous animals, landmines, terrorist organizations, etc., the cost of solving these situations would be too high.


This depends on your budget. Rent or buy a car will allow you to go out and explore sites that may be outside your study destination, in addition to moving without many limitations. However, your pocket must be prepared for this expensive means of transport, especially if your stay is very long.


Normally, the cheapest public transport option in most countries, but often also the least comfortable. Bus trips also usually take much longer than the train or plane. However, sometimes they are the only way to get where you are going, and they can be very fun if you travel with the right people. If you are really doing it with few resources, bus trips can help you improve your budget.

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