Stay Fit, Stay Happy

What do you think about your health status? Do you consider yourself fit? We are providing some measures to examine your fitness. Lets’ begin! To measure health, we use the following major three parameters: Physical Psychological Nutritional As understood, the physical appearance of a person comes under the physical health. The presence of important nutrients

Revamp Your Life Following These Habits

In this hectic and stressful life, the one thing which can save you from the proliferating diseases, especially tension and anxiety is your list of habits. Many people do the same mistake, they ignore their health for work. Focusing on career has become foremost these days but it should not cost your health. The most

Men’s Lifestyle Station- Ustraa

Times have changed. In the on-going era, the trigger of vogue is being pointed on Men’s grooming essentials. There were times when the lifestyle maintenance products had nothing to do with men. They use to lead a simple life and all the emphasis was placed on the beauty products for women. But, with the proceeding

How to Control Your Anger

Got stuck in traffic? Didn’t get the expected results? Does your blood pressure shoot up when things do not go the way they are meant to happen or things do not work out as per your expectation. Yes, this does happen to each one of us. And this is what we call “Anger.” It is

How to Build Great English Vocabulary

The existing global world is united by one sole language- “ENGLISH.” It is the only language that connects people from all over the world. The most demanding and all-pervasive language is actually very vast in rules and vocabulary. Its indispensable significance makes it eminent to be learnt by all of us. In every nook and

How to Build a Career in Academic Writing

In present world, where making career choices are a difficult task, one has to dig in all the opportunities before choosing any particular career option. With a lot of career options including chartered accountant, doctor, engineer, architect, financial analyst, business analyst, fashion designing and the list could be endless. Being surrounded by countless career options,

How Cinema Effects Youth?

Movies are having a significant influence on the people’s minds. What we can easily observe is the effect of the cinemas on the youth. No section of either society, be it rural or urban is exempted from its long-lasting effect. The children are also an active part of this. I am not denying the fact