Business Groomed by Technology

Most of us are obsessed with the word technology. We just cannot find any excuse to resist it. It has provided us numerous conveniences, aids and is successful in reshaping the world’s structure. The areas where technology has contributed are extensive. One of them is ‘Business.’ Technology with its wonderful inventions has made business automated

Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black Launched Globally

Bonneville Bobber family gets its’ new member, Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black. The presentation of the bike was made in addition to the debut of Triumph Bonneville Speed master. Bobber Black would be a 2018 model. The new bike in town is graced with an all-black theme and several other features too. The largest British motorcycle

The Unparalleled Volvo XC40

XC40, Volvo’s debut entry-level premium SUV, has been launched on September 21,2017 in Milan, Italy. Volvo’s new model in the market XC40 is tagged to be one of the fastest growing segments in India and all over the world that embraces of the Mercedes-Benz GLA, BMW X1, and the Audi Q3. The concept which the

The Lavish Lambhorghini Aventador S Roadster

The drop-top version of Lamborghini, Aventador S has launched at Rs5.79 crore (ex-showroom). The Italian Super car manufacturer has revealed the Aventador S Roadster at Frankfurt Motor Show. It has been simultaneously launched in India as well. The buyers are offered a number of trim and color choices in the Aventador S Roadster along with

The Lavish Eighth Generation Phantom

The British luxury, RR has popped up with their best ever and the most awaited grandeur design of Phantom series. The Phantom-VIII luxurious car model has been modified and designed in a manner with such features for the class of people who want to own things better than the best. In the recent exemplar by