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#MyCalvins Sensation and lifestyle Influencer: Lil Miquela

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mycalvins sensation and lifestyle influencer lil miquela

She is hot, charming and beautiful and perfect Instagram influencer. With smattering freckles and pouting lips, she is fire with unique and fantastic persona. Lil Miquela is a virtual influencer with artificial intelligence because she is a robot. In April 2016, she began with her debut on Instagram. The first picture on Instagram was posted on 22nd April 2016. Going through slamming and criticism, till now the Instagram account has gained more than 1.6 million followers. She is the future of commerce, fashion, and advertisement.

Lil Miquela’ Music Career

Lil Miquela started her music debut with a single “Not Mine”, following by, “You should be Alone”, “Right back”, and “Over You”. She also collaborated with Baauer for, “Hate Me”. Her singing is characterized by the use of auto-tuner.

Social Existence

Lil Miquela shared the screen with Diplo, Molly Soda, Samantha Urbani, and Nile Rogers and many other celebrities. Also, in the number of publications like Vogue, Buzzfeed, Nylon, Business of Fashion, BBc.com and many other, Lil Miquela has been interviewed and profiled. As a part of Milan fashion weak, she did a takeover for Prada.

For the latest fashion campaign, Bella Hadid makes out with Lil Miquela. 

Bella Hadid was standing in a completely white space wearing a crew neck black t-shirt with a pair of biker pants and sneakers by Calvin Klein. As a deep blue light fades into the screen, Bella tilts her head to the side and figure walks towards her which was difficult to interpret.

It wasn’t any male model. Neither Shawn Mendes nor A$AP rocky. Both of whom were currently starring in the #MyCalvins campaign. Garrett Neff is also a brand promoter but instead, it was Lil Miquela. Lil Miquela is an AI female robot influencer. Despite not being a human being, she finesses a fashion campaign that most real-life models only dream of fronting.

The camera pulls back from the intimate moment of Hadid and Lil making out.

The voice-over can be heard in the ad saying: “Life is all about opening doors, creating new dreams, that you never knew could exist.”

Calvin Klein was asked to apologize after the fashion label came on fire for a video ad showing supermodel Bella Hadid and AI female robot Lil Miquela.

Although there are plenty of real LGBTQ models that could have been used by Calvin Klein, they used a robot with was found insulting by the LGBTQ community.

In conclusion,

Lil Miquela is supermodel avatar having obvious advantages. She is never late, which is a first advantage of this supermodel avatar. The second very beneficial thing is that her clothes always fit. With the rise in popularity, many people feel that real-life models and influencers are less comforting than AI fashion avatars. While some people feel that Lil Miquela’ life is not even true. The unreal life is not worth admiring. Everything from computer generated freckles, to complete identity does not exist actually. She is not grown 19 and she is built. Whatsoever the perceptions are, she is gaining popularity day by day and has proven to be positively useful.

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