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Men’s Lifestyle Station- Ustraa

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Times have changed. In the on-going era, the trigger of vogue is being pointed on Men’s grooming essentials. There were times when the lifestyle maintenance products had nothing to do with men. They use to lead a simple life and all the emphasis was placed on the beauty products for women. But, with the proceeding advancements in lifestyle, development and technology, a lot has changed.

The existing male generation is very particular about maintaining its manner of living. Men too are now very much aware about their lifestyle. They have been looking for standard products in order to keep intact with their needs of looking presentable. Noticing this change in their behavior a lot of beauty brands came up with a wide range of men’s grooming products. Out of all the brands, “USTRAA” came up with a wide and ideal range of men’s products, with a keen focus on providing qualitative products. The best part about Ustraa’s range of products is that all the products are made from natural ingredients and are chemical free.

USTRAA- A well established men’s grooming products brand offers a complete range of men’s:

  • Beard kit.
  • Shower Gel.
  • Hair products.
  • Skin essentials.
  • Shave accessories.

The BEARD KIT includes all the products that are essential to maintain the beard’s style and quality. The kit includes:

  • Beard wash gel.
  • Beard oil.
  • Beard softener.
  • Mustache and beard wax.
  • Mustache oil.

The SHOWER GELS include:

  • Body wash with menthol, cinnamon, lemon and nagarmotha.
  • Face wash with cinnamon and activated charcoal.
  • Face wash for oily skin.
  • Face scrub for de-tan.
  • Face scrub for oily skin.

Maintaining a great Hair style is highly prioritized by Men. Taking care of such outlook of men, Ustraa in its HAIR PRODUCTS offered:

  • Anti hair fall kit including- Shampoo and Serum for fighting hair fall.
  • Hair styling wax that lets one maintain the desired hairstyle entire day.

Emphasizing a lot upon the wellness of skin, the SKIN ESSENTIALS include:

  • Moisturizing cream for dry skin.
  • Moisturizing cream for oily skin.

Taking care of shaving accessories of Men, the SHAVING KIT includes:

  • Shaving brushes- That are made of soft synthetic bristles and the handle is made of genuine wood.
  • After shave balm, providing quick fix for shaving cuts and nicks- Mild and Strong.
  • Mild balm is to let Men’s get rid of sting of after shave.
  • Strong balm will give a bit of sting but is of great help in fighting infection, irritation, rashes and acne.

Enabling Men to smell good the whole day, FRAGRANCES include:

  • Ustraa opinion cologne.
  • Ustraa base camp cologne.

The ACCESSORIES KIT for men has all the accessories that are a must have for every men in the world. These include:

  • Travel kit to store all the grooming essentials.
  • Bikers pack including helmet spray and face wash.
  • Shaving mug enabling every morning shave to get done with much ease and comfort. It can also be used to store shaving brush, cream and razor in one place.
  • Beard comb set- A beard brush, wide tooth comb and narrow tooth comb.

The Beard Comb Set perfectly helps men keep all their beard phases well groomed. Be it a medium stubble, a short boxed or a long beard. A Natural wood, hand-made comb set made out of treated shisham to be used on a daily basis to gently massage the scalp. Regular combing helps to prevent dandruff & itchiness in the beard. The beard combs detangle the beard, remove dust and provide a regular exercise to the beard hair, keeping it healthy & strong.

USTRAA, prioritizing men’s needs to be taken care of, made these range of products available in market. Making use of all natural ingredients, the brand is able to acquire a great market share. The ultimate range of products has been able to meet all the requirements of Men putting an end to all their worries.

Beyond providing the quality products, Ustraa has also taken a great care of men’s wallet. All the products are available at a very good price. For this reason, both lifestyle and cash in the wallet can be well maintained.

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