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Know the Reasons Why Drones Have Disrupted the Market

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People used to wonder in the previous times about the way in which nature functioned. They analyzed several aspects related to weather, animals and natural disasters. Analyzing them has helped to develop many modern technologies, as the basis are similar.

Wright Brothers were responsible for creating the first airplane, which was a revolution for the whole world. It helped to make travel easier and reduced distance, by saving time. It was also preferred because of its ability to encounter no traffic, while other modes of transportation had to deal with it.

Though modern aircraft technology implements automation, pilots are still required to operate it. The goal behind future aircraft is to make it completely automatic, which is also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). A common example of it is Drones, which are small devices that can fly without any person’s intervention.

They can be used for different purposes, ranging from general to specialized. They have eased many tasks, which were not possible because of the terrains that had to be conquered. Their small size enables them to reach places, that can be risky for humans. Some common places where they are used:   

  • Identifying Disasters: There are many places in the world where disasters occur on daily basis. Previously, the reason for them to occur was not known, because a person could not pe present at all times. Drones have helped to identify them well in advance and take measures to prevent the resources from getting destroyed. Recently, some wildfire occurred in Amazon forests, which were already severe, but with the use of drones, a lot of damage that could have occurred was prevented. This is just one example out of many that can be observed on daily basis.
  • Agriculture: Farming or agriculture is a sector that needs constant observation, because things can change quickly, if eye is taken off even for a few minutes. It is the reason for drones to be used here. Drones can be used to water the plants, observe them and inform the authoritative person about the progress. They can even scare away birds and animals, which could cause harm. They can observe the soil and search the internet and give information to the person about the type of crops that would give the best results.
  • Weather Forecasting: Recently, drones are being used to inform about weather, which can help to prevent problems from occurring. Problems could be related to destruction of property, loss of lives. Some drones can be used for this problem at current stage, which can inform about 16 minutes before a disaster, which is not a lot of time and any preventive action cannot be taken in that time. The drones that are being developed are aimed at informing at least one hour before a disaster occurs. For this to work, regular updates about the weather would be necessary.        
  • Illegal Activities: Drones can be used to identify the illegal activities, which could be related to violence, riots, terrorism, activist groups. These activities can often lead to unrest in a society, which can lead to governments collapsing, in the worst-case scenario. These drones can fly over suspected areas and keep the law enforcement informed about the status. Drug Trafficking can also be prevented and drug lords could be arrested. Drugs are major problems in countries, which consume several resources and ruin the youth of a country.
  • Photography: People never realized about the beauty of this world. With drones, they are able to take the aerial view, which was not possible in the past. When drones were invented, the cameras were of an inferior quality and would take photos in lower resolutions. With advancements in camera technology, high resolution photos and videos can be taken. Many vloggers and photographers have started to implement them and it has helped them to make their content better, which in turn has enabled them to increase their audience.
  • Construction: Dronesare being used in the construction sectorto monitor and devise strategies accordingly. They can be used in the initial phases where planning is required to decide about the scale, which totally depends upon the construction site. Throughout the construction phase, the progress can be observed and a sheet could be maintained, which could be referred in later stages. The good thing about drones is that, final result can be observed from a height, which can help to compare the final result with the initial plan. For the construction of largest building in the world- Burj Khalifa, drones were used to observe the scale of the massive project.

Drone is a great technology and statistics prove exactly that.

  • More than 130 people’s lives were saved by the use of drones.
  • Homes that were sold displaying their aerial view, observed an increase of 68 percent.
  • Drones can observe an area of around 1000 acres in a single day, which is a large number.
  • The revenue generated by drones will reach around $82.1 billion by the year 2025.
  • The revenue generated by agriculture is around $1.2 billion.

These are just some of the statistics, which surely will increase in the future, as more people are getting aware about the drone technology. This is a convenient technology, that can be mastered by any person, with some practice. It has already benefitted several sectors, and with its ability to reach difficult places, a lot of potential can already be observed.

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