Keep In Mind These Things Before Using Instagram Ads

Keep In Mind These Things Before Using Instagram AdsIf you have been using Instagram for a while, you might be aware of the advertisements from the businesses that pop up on your feed and you may be thinking that use of Instagram ads is the next step for your business. Instagram can be a great advertising platform, that not only helps you to grow your brand with the help of graphic organic content but also allows you to run the ads that help in increasing the number of eyes that see your posts. Instagram ads help in driving traffic towards your website and increasing brand awareness.

Besides the advantages, there are cons to advertising on Instagram as well, especially when compared to Facebook advertising. It is considered that Instagram Ads are less sophisticated than Facebook’s. Moreover, linking on Instagram has resulted to be less effective in comparison to that of Facebook. Since Instagram’s user base is restricted, therefore, it may make it a less productive advertising platform.

Before you step ahead for Instagram Advertising of your business, it is necessary for you to know about the pros and cons of the same.

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Pros of Instagram Advertising

  1. Instagram Ads Drive Traffic to Your Website

Instagram ads are different from those of regular and organic Instagram posts. These ads allow your business to involve clickable links as a part of promoted posts. This is the main reason to consider advertising on Instagram. The ability to add a call-to-action with a link in an advertised post is immeasurably helpful in driving traffic to your business website. The posts that are not enhanced as advertisements don’t have this capability.

  1. Instagram Ads Increase Visibility

One of the biggest tussles that any business has with social media marketing is the breakthrough of the noise of millions of posts that need to be seen. Pay to play is considered to be one of the quickest and most effective ways of doing this. It is authoritative for you to develop persuasive Instagram posts in order to get the client engagement. It requires a lot of creativity and commitment in order to curate an appealing Instagram feed to get the audience engagement as per your desires. Instagram Ads will help you in getting there by making sure that the people are seeing your posts.

  1. Instagram Ads Increase Brand Awareness

When an Instagram post is boosted as an advertisement, the post will appear in the newsfeed of the potential audience without being disruptive. If you are advertising with the help of an Instagram story, the advertisement will eventually be placed in between the stories when the user is watching the other users’ stories. These inconspicuous ads can highly contribute in increasing brand awareness for your business.

Similar to advertising on Facebook, your business can set its own budget, audience, and duration for the Instagram Ads. Once you are ready with your potential audience, you can set up the demographics such as age, range, gender, interests etc. This will allow you to show your ads to a targeted set of audience and reach the people who have the highest chance of being interested in what you are actually advertising.

  1. Instagram Offers Options in Advertising

Another pro of Instagram advertising is that the businesses can make use of their Facebook Ads Manager Account in order to set up Ads on Instagram. Facebook Ads is expected to be the most refined social media ad platform that is available. And, the Instagram Ads are reinforced by sponging off the Facebook Ads. Instagram offers the ability of advertising on the basis of the following goals; rise in the visibility, driving link clicks, number of visits to business profiles etc.

There are many different options that are offered by Instagram Ads for Advertisements. Businesses can indorse videos, individual photos, or multi-photo carousel ads. Advertising within Instagram Stories can also be one option. With the continuous enhancement of Instagram, there are chances that the advertising options will increase with time.

Cons of Instagram Advertising

  • Instagram Links Are Less Effective Than Facebook Links

Instagram is not a click-friendly platform as it doesn’t allow the users to place a clickable link in their post. This clearly means that the billion people who use Instagram don’t ever expect to click, but just double tap to like the posts they see.

By enhancing a post, a link can be added by the business in the post. This acts as a bonus for the businesses who want to drive traffic towards their websites. But, according to the studies, it has been found that the existing link clicks are less popular on Instagram. In most of the cases, it happens that the users are simply scrolling through their feed, double-tapping to like a particular post and moving on. If your main aim is to drive potential traffic towards your website, you must test Instagram Ads with Facebook Ads to find out where the actual success prevails.

  • Instagram Has a Limited Audience

Instagram is considered to be the most extensively used platform, with more than one billion active monthly users. It is true that Instagram has a wide user-base, the majority of these users are between the ages of 19-29. This can be great if you are a brand and looking to engage with young people.

  • Instagram Ad Features Are Less Advanced

Advertising on Instagram is pretty simple, which makes it easier. But, not always, as the flip side of this is that the simple Instagram ads don’t have all the capabilities of Facebook Ads. With Facebook, you can set up a like ad campaign that will develop your page followers directly – there is no such option on Instagram. Further, Facebook Ads allows for a more detailed targeting as compared to Instagram Ads.

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