Increasing Fee is Reducing the Figure of Education Affordable

Education has become an important aspect in the current epoch. Leading a good life without being educated is difficult now.  India’s population is the most rapidly growing in the world. Increasing population is multiplying the rate of unemployed people in our country as we are not able to produce the same number of jobs as required to diminish the unemployment rate.

Government is working towards making education affordable to every child of the nation and putting efforts to take education to a new level. Indian government has amended the Indian Constitution and included the ‘Right to Education’ under article 21(A) in 2002 in 86th Amendment Act. The article states that free and compulsory education is to be provided to all children under the age group of 6 to 14 years as a fundamental right.

But the irony is that the government is making free education at the primary level but on the other hand, it is behaving contrasting– by hiking the fee of the courses at graduate and higher level. Last year, Punjab University has hiked fee by 5% and this year the senate has inflated the fee of some courses which is opted by a large number of students by multiple times, which directly means that now the lower and middle class parents will have to pay more for fulfilling their dream of educating their children in topmost universities of India. Under PU students, the students of B.Pharma, are suffering the most. The fee of the course is multiplied 10 folds. Earlier the course costed Rs. 5000 but now they would have to pay a huge amount of Rs. 50,000 for the same. The Commerce and Arts students are likely to pay Rs. 7,000 more than their earlier fee structure. Course of journalism was cheaper one, but now the situation has changed. Fee for masters in Journalism is increased to Rs. 30,000 from Rs. 5,000. In the justification of fee hike given by the vice-chancellor of the university Mr. Arun Kumar Grover said that the action has been taken considering the financial condition of the varsity.

The government is being lenient for some categories of students. Those who have passed higher secondary from a government school will get a deduction of 50% in tuition fee.

Academic session of 2017-18 has adversely affected the lives of students across the country. Other universities have also steeply hiked the fees. University of Madras has hiked the exam fees for both the distance and regular courses for the first time in seven years. The hike range varies from 1.4% to 30%. BA criminology students will have to pay Rs. 1940 more to appear in the annual exams. The management students will have to pay Rs. 21,000 instead of the earlier fee of Rs. 16,750. The postgraduate diploma students have to pay Rs. 700 more for the exams.

Schools are also not legging behind in modifying their fee structure in the negative sense if we see from the parent’s view. They are increasing the tuition fee in the name of their increased expenses.

No student either from primary, secondary or university level is not left untouched from getting affected by the ill-consequences of fee hike.

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