How to Write Good and SEO Friendly Content

How to Write Good and SEO Friendly ContentYou want to write SEO friendly content so that your content ranks on the first page of Google. But, have you given a thought to what a user would put into the search bar that should take them to your post as your post is the best answer to that query? Do you want to know how to write and format your content so that it pleases the Search Engine as well as your audience?

Let’s have a look at what SEO friendly content is.

SEO Friendly Title

Write a catchy title that is between 45 to 70 characters long.

It must be descriptive and should refer to the keyword.

For example, your keyword is ‘web development’ – ‘Everything You Need to Know to Develop Your Own Website’ (56 characters) is a good title.

The meta description

The meta-description tag is the text that is displayed under the title in Google results.

They should tell what the article is about and contain your keyword.

If your meta looks cool, people will click on your article; if not, they will go elsewhere.

  • Bad Meta Description: In this article, you will learn to write content optimized for SEO.
  • GoodMeta Description: Do you want to write good SEO content? Well, you have come to the right place. You will learn the 15 secrets of SEO friendly content that will turn you into an expert.

Be the best

Check the articles that you see topping the rankings on Google. If you feel there is a room for improvement in them, do it. A simple way is to use the skyscraper technique. It basically consists of detecting what is working for the competition and multiplying it by a thousand.

If there is an article “5 best tools for SEO”. I will make a list of “100 best tools and tricks for SEO”. If there is a list of 200. I will take 10 most popular and write a comparison report “10 Essential Tools for SEO”.

The goal should always be to provide the maximum value to the person who arrives at our post.

Be unique

If everyone is talking about how to do SEO in 2017, do a post on how to do SEO in 2018 that analyzes industry trends. If everyone is applauding how integrated are Social Media and SEO are, make a post saying that it is a hoax.

Most topics can be approached from very different perspectives without either being wrong.

Use your user’s language

Keep in mind that the user searching for you will use their own words and the jargon that characterizes them. It is essential that we take it into account, not only to increase traffic through those terms but because it will be easier to read, share and link a text designed for the user.

For example, suppose you are doing an article on frogs for biologists:

  • Bad Beginning: Frogs are animals that live in both water and land. They are green, have 4 legs and they croak.
  • GoodBeginning: Anurans, incorrectly catalogued with the term “frog” or “toad”, are a group of amphibians with a taxonomic rank of order.

Now, imagine that the writing is meant for 5 years old children.

  • Bad Beginning: Anurans, incorrectly catalogued with the term “frog” or “toad”, are a group of amphibians with a taxonomic rank of order.
  • GoodBeginning: Frogs are animals that live in both water and land. They are green, have 4 legs and they croak.

Having these differences in mind is especially important in niches, to countries that are different but use the same language and different age ranges.

Be Varied

If you only dedicate yourself to writing, you will never make content that really outperforms others. One of the ways to offer something different is to use other formats: videos, infographics, presentations, etc. that adapt better to what you want to tell and are different from what others are doing.

For example, upload a video on YouTube and insert it in the post, so you can use a combination of complementary keywords in each case, since YouTube videos also position, and at the same time improve the value of your content.

In this sense, embolden the important words, and put links, quotes, images, videos and presentations that can make the content more useful and more enjoyable.

Order your content

Make sure that your content, in addition to being well written, is well categorized. This will give you SEO traffic to the category pages, and help you in internal linking of the pages, which will make it easier to find and improve your SEO potential.


Going back to what I said at the beginning of this post, the best thing you can do is to make your content valuable, enjoyable, interesting or entertaining for the reader.

For this, you need to bring more up to date content, show a different perspective and remain cheerful in your writing.

You also have to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know your users well?
  • Do you know what they expect from you and can you answer them perfectly?

If the answer is negative, I can only recommend that you investigate and analyze until you are clear, because until you are sure you will not be able to create a coherent online strategy, much less an SEO strategy (and the theme, tone and format of the contents is an essential part of both the points).

So, know your audience, ensure the technical part and do it better than others. That is the secret of writing SEO friendly content.

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