How to Travel More and Cheaper in 2019

How to Travel More and Cheaper in 2019A new year has begun and I am sure that one among your resolutions will be to do many more trips than you did in 2018. For this, I am going to tell you the 10 best tips that will help you travel more and cheaper in 2019. They are so simple that you will not believe it.

  1. Mark a goal in your monthly savings

One of the most important factors so that you can travel much more in 2019 is to allocate a part of your income to savings. Here, it is very important that you check your daily expenses and stop spending on things you do not really need, for example, save on your meals, bringing your own lunch or use public transport instead of using a taxi.

An excellent idea to save for the trip of your dreams is to prohibit the use of $10 coins and save them in a piggy bank you will be surprised to know how many travellers use this method! You can also withdraw a percentage of your monthly income and allocate it to a savings card or even change 100 dollars or euros per month to avoid using that money and thus have liquidity at the time of your trip.

  1. Be flexible on your travel dates

Yes, even if you do not believe it, not having a specific travel date may mean that you find excellent rates on plane tickets to the destination of your dreams. There are many airlines who provide you with good discounts if you book in advance or during off-seasons.

  1. List the places you want to visit

If you have heard that phrase that you should write down what you want and it may come true. Remember it very well because this is the key for you to travel more in 2019. I recommend you make a list of the countries or cities you want to visit along with a photograph that encourages you to get there.

After taking your creative skills to make that cool list take it as a guide to create your price alert, this will facilitate the search and comparison of rates on plane tickets. So if you get low enough you can buy it immediately and not miss that opportunity.

  1. Find cheap flights to different destinations

We know that you want to travel, but if you still not have decided well in advance about where to go, then you can remain on a search using different tools available on the internet. The tools will help you find the cheapest flights to different destinations.

  1. Investigate the season in which you travel

To find cheap flights throughout the year to different destinations in the world you just have to do a bit of research on the web, and many times the high and low seasons that you have in your country may not match with those of other countries or cities. So if, for example, you want to go to and avoid the tide of people and long lines your off-season is in February, or if you want to visit the Louvre Museum in Paris without so many people covering Mona Lisa the months before summer or post-summer are the best.

  1. Compare flights with and without stopovers

What is the difference between booking a direct flight against another with stopovers? Many times the cost, although we know that you will have to sacrifice a few hours at airports before arriving at your destination, may suit your portfolio because flights with stopovers are usually up to 30% cheaper than direct flights.

  1. Travel light

To save more and travel more in 2019, take a plane without large suitcases is key. As you know, now there are new luggage policies and airfares, for example, low-cost airlines will let you carry a backpack or suitcase of up to 10 kilos on board the plane but if you want to add extra luggage, this will be charged extra to the rate of your ticket.

  1. Knowing where to exchange money will save you for your next trip

Believe it or not, knowing where you will exchange currency before any trip will save you some money for a next trip. The best thing is that you exchange the money of your savings and do not become indebted with credit cards because paying them after the trip will deplete your finances to make a second, third or fourth trip.

Depending on the city from which you leave it is always good to take a look at the exchange houses and compare to know which is the best option. You can also check if your debit card has any coalition with a bank abroad that allows you to withdraw money without commission.

  1. Travel almost free as a volunteer

There are many organizations that can connect you with volunteer projects around the world. This is one of the cheapest ways to travel and most used to make a large number of trips 365 days of the year, as these organizations help you get accommodation, transportation and even food. The activities that you will have to carry out will be marked by the organization, foundation or governmental entity that you will help. Think about it this way, in addition to travelling, you will make a difference in the world.

  1. Work remotely

Definitely, this is my favourite option to travel more in 2019 since you can carry on more trips and even travel while working remotely and still receiving your salary to fund your stay in the destination of your dreams.

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