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How to Teach Children to Make Good Decisions

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how to make good decisions

To live is to decide. Every day that passes people must face the choice of different options, from something so, a priori, simple as choosing what breakfast to other more complicated as it may be if buying a home or rent it. Of course, these tessituras become more difficult as an individual grows older, but even the smallest.

Do not avoid these situations to the little ones. In fact, they can be used to learn great lessons that range from knowing how to make good decisions, considering the risks of each option, to such transcendental values in their future as the responsibility to take charge of their own future.

The importance of choosing well

Making decisions is part of life. Little by little these choices are shaping the future of all of us, from those that are made mechanically to others as in those that opt for a school or other itinerary. This is indicated by the group of education professionals, who indicate that there is no resolution without consequences, however small they may seem.

The mission of parents is to lower their level of protection as their children have to make decisions so that their autonomy is developed to the point where they are able to choose their future. In addition, teaching children to choose one way or another will not only gain a better future and will enhance values such as responsibility.

Having the children make their own decisions will help them to start up their intellectual machinery in order to consider all the options and factors at stake. Thinking about the possible long-term consequences is a job that requires imagination and perspective. A stimulus that will also enhance their personal maturity through the learning of concepts such as resignation.

Choosing does not only mean choosing a path, but it also means leaving aside another path that could have better results. Recognizing mistakes when making decisions is also important as it will help improve the analysis of good and bad points.

The process of choosing

Parents should make their children, first of all, understand what the selection process is like. The steps you must take before reaching a final decision. This group of experts defines the following:

– Define the problem, dilemma or objective. What are the possible options, what route endings are there? What solutions exist to solve a problem?

– Collect the information we can about him. Before deciding, all the possible information about the problem or the objectives must be considered.

– Be clear about the alternatives, and what follows after each one of them. What consequences are there in one of the elections, which are in the others? What is the cost of opting for one option and not for the other?

– Make the decision. Once all the possible information about the decisions has been put together, it is necessary to opt for one option or another. Choosing between both means carrying out an action with total security and always bearing in mind that, for better or for worse, you will learn a good lesson.

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