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How to Stop Wasting Your Morning and Your Day

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Starting well in the morning is essential to have a productive day, sure you know it too. A key element of productivity is your motivation and, if you do not start the day right, motivation drops quickly, and with-it productivity. In addition, willpower and self-control have an important implication during the mornings.

Mornings are important because your strength of will is stronger in the morning than at any other time of the day. As an obvious conclusion to this, it is important that you have properly designed your mornings to be able to reach your goals and aspirations: having a good morning routine will help you to take advantage of the maximum hours of willpower to the maximum.

The importance of routine

As you can deduct from the previous section, the best way to have a good day is to have a good routine. The grace of having a good routine that adapts to your way of being is that you can optimize the use of time at all times.

The morning routine to improve the focus

The morning routine to start the day is essential. In this article, I will not define you an ideal routine, because it is very complicated to define something that could be ideal for any person, but what I will do is give you some basic tips that I would recommend you to accomplish in your morning routine.

Start the day well, always in the same way

Sometimes it is not necessary to do many things or very complicated to start the day right: simply starting always in the same way, with an easy and defined routine, you can start with the strength necessary to focus your efforts on what is important.

Objective: complete a single task

Yes, one task. To start the day well, select the most important task of the day and work to finish it. The idea of ​​GTD and its process of collection, processing and capture is that we have defined indivisible actions and, therefore, the task should be quite short, no more than 30 or 45 minutes.

Take advantage of those three-quarters of an hour to be as productive as possible, so select a task that is really important and makes you advance in your goals. The idea of ​​all this is that when you finish it, you are so happy that you have done it that you want to continue with another one.

So, from there, if after the initial task you want to continue, go ahead. Choose another task that is really important and that makes you advance in your objectives, and uses another 30 or 45 minutes to finish it, taking advantage of the time in the best possible way.

What you have to be clear about is that you will not be able to maintain this level of concentration throughout the day. Therefore, start the day to the fullest, take advantage of your best hours, and when you reach that point where you no longer concentrate well enough, when you see that you do not take advantage enough, stop.

Yes, stopping is also important, so take a break. As you have already worked on one or several important tasks, you have advanced in your objectives. You can be super happy now!

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