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How to stay Motivated to Study

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how to stay motivated to study

Sometimes the circumstances take control of you and it becomes difficult to stay motivated. So, how to stay motivated to study when there are a lot of other things that keep you away from the book such as the friend that keeps calling you and telling you about the different events that you should attend, you have spent time talking to the friends and deadlines to more than two assignments is coming close and you do not know on which to focus now and from where to get assignment help, your laptop or mobile has gone to fritz and the data is not accessible.

We know about the pop-psych books that are sold in millions and made millions but could not help anyone. Such books tell you to think positive and attract whatever you want from the universe. People thought that following them would make their conditions better, but contrary to it, they raised their expectations from the world, lost time and end up being even more frustrated and mired in the difficulties.

Motivation is not something that can be put into a pill or a bottle. It is not a surficial thing that can be painted over any circumstance and make the things appear different. It is more intrinsic and related to the dialogues that one has with oneself. Thinking about the assignments that one has to complete and the knowledge has to get in order to complete those assignments can be the demotivating factors. The thinking that the things are not getting any better and the clues that one gets in this regard cement their approach. Positive thinking, then, becomes a sham while intrinsically one feels what he feels. Study tips don’t work in those days. It is said that if you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same result. So, it is not bad if you try something new and see what makes the hunter in you come alive. I am listing some steps to stay motivated in your steps.

  1. Don’t Just Set the Goals – You may have heard this before that setting goals is the easiest way to stay motivated in doing what you want to do. Setting long term and short term goals is fine but is it all? The means that you use for an end are also important. You may have set a goal and now you want to go ahead in realizing that goal. So, you should think about the ways of achieving the target and the things that stop you from achieving those targets. For example: If your goal is to go abroad to study, then you should think of the things that are important for you to reach abroad for studying and the things that stop you from doing so. The plan on creating the structure to get those things in existence follows.

    The structure is equally important. For example, I have decided to get up in the morning and study. I will think about the things that are needed to complete this task, e.g. the books, tea, study table. Study table and tea because I need tea to wake up properly and I cannot study in my bed (I may fall asleep again). Then, I will think about the things that can stop me from waking up such as sleep, cold and mobile phone. I will sleep in time and put an alarm to wake me up from my sleep. To deal with cold weather, I will keep my jacket with me in my quilt. I will switch the mobile phone off. Now, there are more chances of me getting up early in the morning and study than just setting the goal and sleep.

  1. Completing the Goal is A Reward in Itself – If you are a student and you have accomplished a goal that you have set for yourself, then the feeling that you are getting after the accomplishment is an award in itself. All you need to get is that feeling of accomplishment. People who talk about rewards might be following a goal that someone else has set for them such as an employee of an organization. If the accomplishment doesn’t feel like a rewarding moment, then you should consider changing your goal to something that motivates you.

  2. Just start and keep doing it – Mark Twain says that ‘the secret to getting ahead is getting started’. Most of the students find it the most difficult part. Sitting for studying and starting to do what they have been thinking to start for a week. Just when they are about to sit for the studies, an alien comes and gets stuck on their face and tries to take them away from their work to mobile phone, TV and even the noises in the street. Dealing effectively with that alien is important. A strong ‘no’ is important, otherwise, the alien will keep coming and may even succeed to take you away with it.

There are so many times when you feel like giving up and those are the times when you feel like ‘it is up’ for you and you will not be able to continue. But, do not listen to those ‘voices in your head’ that tell you to stop otherwise you will break into two parts or fall apart. If you continue studying, you will see that nothing will happen except the things that you wanted to complete. Sometimes it is better to stop looking for motivation and tell yourself ‘you have to do it’. You cannot wait for your laziness, non-enthusiasm and other headaches to go before you start studying. It is like fighting with darkness with a sword in hand. You will only hurt yourself but the darkness will not go anywhere. You only need to turn the light on and the darkness will not be there any longer. Similarly, thinking about getting rid of the things that have occupied your mind is a waste of time. Just start studying and those things will not be there any longer.

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