How to get more Traffic to Your Author Website or Blog

How to get more Traffic to Your Author Website orHow to get more blog traffic? This is the question that every author website owner has asked at some or the other point. Having a steady traffic is very important as it is the key to any successful author or business website.

There are numerous methods that help in driving traffic to your author website. It is not possible that you will wake up in the morning and see that thousands of people have visited your website overnight. You need to take action to implement various techniques of generating traffic.

Here are some traffic driving tactics that will surely work.

  1. Create quality content worth sharing

Yes, it is very important to create content that is worth reading and sharing. You must create blog post that is of great value to the readers. Make sure that you write the blog articles that the people actually want to read. If not, they won’t come back and it doesn’t matter how well optimization of your website is done. Also, the search engines such as Google and Bing are giving priority to the websites and blogs that have the most relevant content in terms of quality. Thus, the initial step is to focus on the implementation.

Blog Frequently

When you begin to blog for your website for the first time, the articles published are on average. As the time passes, the traffic towards the website also increases. This is the best thing if done consistently. By blogging regularly on the website, there are chances that many people will come and share your information. The more content you have, the more are the readers who enjoy reading the content. This further helps in increasing the traffic.

  1. Improve your blog and page metadata for SEO

This means that you need to make sure that you are optimizing your blog posts and author website pages for SEO. In other words, make them ‘Google friendly’. Ensure that there is a need to add metadata, that includes, your keywords, descriptions and titles to the SEO section in your blog posts. With this your content can be easily indexed by the search engines.

  1. Send an email broadcast

When there is a new blog post available with you, simply send an email to your subscribers who already love to read your content. This will really be effective if you have a reliable email tool.

  1. Harness the power of social media

In order to make the website visible, social media networks must be used for the readers. Some of the most powerful ways to interact and build your networking partnerships, relationships, get in front of readers and offer new blog posts, are Twitter, Facebook. YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. The question of how many should you focus on, depends on which you prefer using and which channels your target audience is using.

  1. Make it easy for visitors to subscribe to your blog

It is not the responsibility of the readers to remember to visit your website multiple times in a week. People are very busy in their lives, thus, make sure that they are able to subscribe easily via RSS or email.

  1. Write guest posts for other bloggers related to your topic, genre or industry

Another good way to get exposure to the audience is by writing a blog post. It can provide a gush in traffic and also a constant trickle over the long-term.

  1. Comment on other blogs in your genre or industry

Another powerful way is blog commenting. This is still an underutilized tactic as the authors or the writers are shy. There are many other authors in the same genre or industry that have much more to contribute than you think. The comments in the links are used by other people to click on the link, this further helps in increasing the traffic on the website.

These are some of the proven tactics that will help in getting more traffic towards your author website.

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