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How to Find the Best Keywords to Generate Traffic on your Website

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A keyword can give your brand great visibility if you can position it well. For this, first, you will need to know the subject of your blog and second, to forge a strategy.

After choosing the right topic based on current search trends, the next step is to choose the keywords of your article. Finding the right keywords will help you optimize your content to the fullest.

No matter how good your content is, if you do not appear on the first pages of the search engines, nobody will read you. And that is the main goal of a blog: get many visits from your target audience.
Following are the ways to find the best keywords for your blog.

Search engine optimization changes constantly due to some updates of the algorithms. However, what never changes is the need to include keywords in the content of your website.

Only then can you achieve a good positioning. But how do you find the best keywords? With the right tools and some of the following tricks:


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These are the phrases of four, five words or more, which work for users who are looking for longer terms. These users are in the final stage of the conversion funnel. Hence the reason for more specific searches. In most cases, they know what they want.

Although the search volume for this type of general keywords is lower, long-tail keywords attract the target traffic you’re really looking for to reach your website.

Also, since long-tail keywords are generally not as competitive as shorter keywords, they can be much easier to position. This means that you are more likely to increase your traffic.

How to find the best long tail keywords? The titles of the products are a good starting point. Search your keyword list for products or services in Google Keyword Planner, for example. If you do it this way, make sure to check the box that says “Exact match”.


LSI is the secret to find the best keywords that involve the use of related terms, in addition to the main key phrases.
It tries to understand the related terms and concepts surrounding the context of a certain keyword in order to better understand the semantics surrounding a specific keyword.
The more semantic words search engines find, the more relevant you are and the more page authority you have. Therefore, you will get a better keyword ranking.

For this, use Google Keyword Tool, but this time with the ” broad match ” checked.
This way you will get a list of keywords related to your search. It will get you that ideas to apply Latent Semantic Indexing technique.

Google Trends can help you find the best keywords for your brand. They will give you a rough idea of what is popular in terms of keyword search.
If any of the searches for trends is related to the sector in which you operate, you can analyse that topic and try to apply those keywords for your positioning. You can get a lot of traffic very quickly.


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Adding a country, region, state or city name to the main keyword can help you stand out from the crowd and show you a higher score in the search engine ranking.
Local keywords work best when they have a physical location. In this way, your website will appear on Google Maps and you can encourage potential buyers to buy online (if possible) or at the store itself.

You can also use local keywords without having a physical location in that place. This is usually done to get your buyer from that particular location and encourage him to buy by offering, for example, an express delivery at a specific price.
To find keywords based on the location, filter your results by location. Some tools will automatically filter by country, but you will have to focus the search even more: filter by state, city and zip code.
This type of strategy is similar to that of the long tail keywords. You may impact fewer people but as a result, your ROI will be higher.


There are two types of people: those who optimize the most competitive keywords from the beginning or those who prefer to choose the keywords of low competition and take advantage of the pull over time to get hold of that word.
It is a good idea to know the level of competition related to the keywords you have chosen in order to understand the context in which you move and determine the time you need to get results.
If you use a payment tool such as SEMrush or an integrated tool within the company, you will use your own methods for analysis.


If you are already receiving traffic on your website due to the chosen keywords, use that data to improve your strategy. They will help you see which keywords work for you and which ones do not fetch you the expected results.
Use your analytical data to find good keywords that are already working. Then use variations of those keywords and repeat the methods that are working for you.

To find the best keywords with Analytics filter until you can only see the traffic you get from each blog post. Look at the keywords that attract the most traffic for each item individually. Use these words and variants of those words more often. It will help you position your blog better.


The value of the content itself is increasingly relevant to search engines. Hence, the importance of what you write in your blog posts is very high. It is true that it is necessary to perform a keyword search to find the best keywords in each article of the blog.

However, do not go crazy for writing keywords that you have identified as the perfect ones. It is better to focus your content marketing strategy on your readers than on your keywords.

A few years ago, keywords had more value than content and this led the way in marketing strategy. The trend is different now. Your content should now be directed to what is valuable, useful and necessary for your audience.

Do not put try to fill keywords in your content. It will look very unnatural and it will also become more difficult to read. Focus on creating valuable content that improves the positioning of the brand naturally.

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