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How to Fight with Depression?

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how to fight with depression

In today’s competitive era, where each human alive has forgotten to LIVE THE LIFE is hastily rushing forward to grab his/her own happiness as per the need. The thought provoking competition has killed in people the need to relate with each other and live with a concern for other creatures alive as well. With this noticeably uprising urge to win, the lives of many people are at the edge of survival. The up roaring advancement and developments that aided in putting life at ease, also brought along with them, the doom’s day.

how fight with depression

DEPRESSION is one such catastrophic outcome that has a bearing on majority of lives fighting vigorously with their own thoughts of self-destruction. The impact has been so fiery that people even tend to convert the self-destructive thoughts into reality and with this, ends a precious life. The major reasons behind such an irreparable damage are:

  • Uprising competition
  • Never ending urge for money
  • Societal divergence created in the form of status, trends, etc.
  • Nuclear families
  • Violence at home

And this list could be a journey with no destination.

In order to fight with this weighty, grim and life-threatening disorder, various significant steps can be taken care of:

  • The patient should never be made to feel isolated. Care must be taken of him/her being surrounded by friends/family.
  • Proper counseling should be provided to the patient.
  • Medicines in the form of antidepressants are available in market which can be given under the supervision of a well qualified and experienced doctor.
  • The patient should be confronted to the positive and bright aspects of the world.
  • He/she should be regularly taken to pleasurable trips.
  • Meditation should be practiced by the patient on a regular basis.
  • The surroundings of the patient should possess in them the positive and relaxing vibes.
  • He/she should not be made to feel the burden of not being normal.
  • The mood swings of the patient should be handled politely.
  • He/she should be made to feel wanted by other members of family.
  • He/she should be kept engaged in one or the other task.

These are some of the effective ways that will prove to be fruitful if applied at the right time.

Grappling you with the problem and its solutions is not going to get us all anywhere. An oath should be taken by all of us to bring this serious issue to the stage of demolition. Nothing is more powerful in the world than human lives with firm determination to achieve what they want.


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