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How to Become a Digital Marketing Superstar in Today’s Time?

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How to Become a Digital Marketing Superstar in Today’s Time

How to Become a Digital Marketing Superstar in Today’s TimeMany would agree that starting your own Digital marketing company was a colossal and daunting task if planned a couple of decades ago. The overhead in creating a start-up at that time demanded a good initial investment and you had to be ‘in the red’ for quite a long time.

But the times have changed dramatically and the times have changed for good!

With the technology growing leaps and bounds, you can actually start and grow your marketing agency in a few months’ timeframe and that too with minimal investment.

Does it make you wonder how the companies, with an ordinary background, have become digital superstars in today’s time?

It is indeed the magic of digital marketing!

Today, the companies reserve a separate budget for their marketing goals which is usually one-half of their total budgets. Thus, starting your own digital marketing company unveils quite some good future prospects.

Given below is a quick round up of five smart and easy tips for you to follow in case you are planning to start your own digital marketing agency from scratch.

1. Be a Gigger before becoming a founder

It was while working as a Computer Science professor in college; I discovered my passion for words and felt excited to take up freelance writing assignments online. I found the writing tasks so engaging that very soon I started finding myself going deeper into the ‘Blogosphere’. It was a difficult choice to be made but I decided to quit my regular job and enter the field of blogging as a freelancer. Working as a gigger helped me in building relationships, understanding the workflow and master the rules of the game.

After gaining enough industry experience, I decided to take the leap and chose to opt for an entrepreneurial role, thereby, putting a full-stop to my part-time career. Besides working on my personal blog, I started building a career blog from a scratch. The primary subject of the blog was to expose the students to a plethora of study abroad options that are available in foreign universities and thus, help students realize their career goals. Besides working on the blog’s theme and layout, I started publishing expert posts on studying abroad and career in the name of “Career Coach”. It was a moment of great pride and joy when the blog was felicitated with the prestigious IndiBlogger Award 2017.    Following the success of my blogs, I decided to launch another successful brand in the series ‘Digital Kangaroos

Today, I look back to realize all this would not have been possible if I had not equipped myself with sufficient knowledge and experience about the industry in which I was planning to enter full-time. It, therefore, helps to master the process, one step at a time.

2. Tweak your dreams

Dreams are our biggest motivators!

If I had not dreamt of achieving something big in my professional life, my career graph would have been a straight line. Tweak your dreams and don’t just suffice by going away with easy choices. There has never been and there will never be a substitute for hard work.

Remember, coal and diamonds, both, are obtained from carbon! The choices must, therefore, be yours and not someone else’s. And, it’s only you who can decide how far you want to go in your chosen career.

3. Choose your niche

After deciding the field of your work, it’s quite possible to get distracted by the prospects of working with almost any business. After all, who minds additional money? Turning down or saying “No” to a client may put you in cognitive dissonance when your livelihood is at stake.

For Digital kangaroos, I decided to focus on social media marketing, content writing, blog maintenance and logo designing services. I was clear in my mind that I will strictly adhere to the services that I have decided to offer on my portal. In the process, I had to turn down several proposals which were similar but did not fall exactly into the categories of my services.

Because there are many digital marketing companies floating across the web, I wanted to go for specialization from day one rather than to be a ‘Jack of all trades’.

And you’re likely to agree that my success justifies my actions.

3. Learn from your failures

Success doesn’t come overnight.

Your success totally depends on your hunger for it; your dedicated efforts, perseverance and determination. During my journey, I failed many times and there was a time when I even decided to shut everything.

But somehow, I didn’t quit and continued the journey with double the enthusiasm. And every-time I failed, I learned a new thing and started avoiding the repetition of my mistakes.

The result was that my portals started receiving a lot of recognition within a short span of time and are, now, amongst the top rankers on Google Search. Nevertheless, I got an opportunity to work as a freelance writer with Entrepreneur Media.

4. Set benchmarks on how to scale

Quality and meeting deadlines have always been on my priority list and as the things started growing, I needed more manpower. I had two options. The first option was to hire full-time professionals over payroll. But, being a start-up I was a bit reluctant about this approach.

So, I preferred going with the second option which was to hire contractors. This turned out to be a wonderful option as I was not responsible for their taxes and other benefits. I just need to pay the contracted amount.

Outsourcing the time-consuming or monotonous tasks was a huge relief as I could now focus on business expansion strategies in a much more dedicated manner. This approach helped me scale up to a full-fledged business with full-time employees.

It’s time to take your call

Digital Agency management is full of ups and downs; it’s you who have to take tough calls to enjoy the benefits. Make sure that your heart and brain resonate with every decision you make else failure is just a step ahead. Good Luck!

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