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How to Avoid the Stress of Traveling by Car with Children

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“I’m bored!”, “When will we reach?”, “I’m hungry”, “I have to pee”. These are possibly the most common words of children when they travel by car. But, in turn, are the most feared phrases by parents when they drive for hours to reach their holiday destination.

Travelling with children is not easy. In addition to paying attention to the road, you must have everything planned and under control, so as not to lose your nerves at the wheel. Well, it is proven that travelling with minors influences the way you drive.

Plan the route in advance

Having the planned route is essential when we are travelling with children. We must decide well the time at which we will start our journey and calculate the duration of it, taking into account the stops we are going to make. According to a study, half of the respondents say that they stop to rest every hour to avoid the trip becoming too heavy for the children.

However, 45% prefer to stop only the essentials and 5% try to reach their destination without stopping to rest. Something that is not recommended, given that driving many hours in a row causes more fatigue and distractions that can lead to an accident. However, most respondents say that if children are asleep, they usually avoid stopping the vehicle until they wake up.

The schedule, a fundamental issue

It is advisable to use the children’s sleep hours to travel by car. Being an early riser can help, as well as travelling at night. The main thing is to avoid rush hours, because traffic jams, restless children and the summer heat are not a good combination.

It is necessary to try that the minors are as comfortable as possible and, a good method for this is to put on comfortable clothes, always carry water and maintain a stable temperature in the vehicle. This means to keep the vehicle cool without making use of the air conditioner; preferably with natural air or shade.

How to entertain the kids

What works best to calm and entertain children is music. 50% of the adults resort to children’s melodies to keep them distracted and, let’s say, the most optimistic, (23%) try to negotiate the themes to be able to listen to some song from adults.

However, “road games” also tend to work. The mythical “I see” or the chained words can distract them for a long time, but it will not last the whole trip. Thus, 3 out of 10 drivers bet on new technologies for their children to entertain themselves on the trip and consider a tablet or a mobile phone as their best ally. However, it is something that cannot be used if your children get dizzy in the car.

The great advantage of driving with children

One of the most striking conclusions of the study is that children contribute to ensuring our safety on the road. 60% of the drivers of the survey said they are more cautious when they have children in the car; they travel at a slower speed, and they check their vehicle before starting a trip and take more breaks to clear up.

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