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How Mobile Learning is Changing Education Industry

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how mobile is changing education

What is Mobile Learning?

M-Learning or mobile learning is “learning across multiple contexts, through social and content interactions, by using personal electronic devices”. This is a form of distance education; m-learners use this technology at their time convenience.

M-Learning technologies involve handheld computers, MP3 players, mobile phones and tablets. The main focus of M-Learning is on the flexibility of the learner, communicating with transferrable technologies. Use of mobile tools for the creation of learning aids and materials becomes an essential part of informal learning.

A New Era Has Begun: Mobile Learning and Education

Technology serves as the turning point for the old learning techniques on their heads at a vivid pace, revealing new learning dimensions and personal growth. With technology becoming the mainstream, the effectiveness of learning will escalate, further reducing the training costs. You might have seen that our lives are totally dominated by communication and entertainment to socializing and learning.

Mobile learning comes up with a thorough approach in order to address a number of persistent educational issues. The evolving tools and techniques have surfaced the way for learning that may harness the power, swiftness, and ubiquity of digital competence. Learning by using different digital means adds up to a tailored, transformed and augmented the learning experience.

Mobile Apps

With the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, teachers, students, and parents have easy access to digital content in a very modified way. Connected mobile devices in the hands of the students can enhance the educational outcome in a very vivid manner.

There are a lot of educational apps that are present in the mobile app market and are increasing day by day. The young students are very keen to learn by the means of interactive mobile apps. In this era of mobile apps, it is fun sitting in exams via educational apps, wherein anyone can participate without any restrictions.

May it is videos, presentations, Virtual Reality or gamified learning apps, new practices have advanced as an outcome of extremely sophisticated software applications that will completely change the way people actually learn. Besides this, social networks that bind together billions of people all over the world have components of developing a very healthy environment for the learners on a global scale.

Driving Performance Through Mobile Devices

The implausible expansion of mobile internet is driving the corporate sector to begin using M-learning as a pioneering solution to meet all their training needs. But, how can these mobile devices enhance the performance of the employees?

There are many short online training courses that are available in the form of short videos through mobile devices. These short lessons may be designed in a way that helps in facilitating just-in-time learning support.

Contextual Learning

Today, mobile technology comes up with a good number of features that can be used in order to enhance corporate performance by contextual learning. There are many companies that are using the mobile systems to read Quick Response (QR) codes to boost internal communication. Learning through interactive games is highly gaining recognition as an effective training tool within the educational community, because of its simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

Better Knowledge

New technology has boosted the learning capacity of the people through the use of smart mobile phones. Now, the users have the freedom to access a huge amount of data that they need anywhere without any restrictions. Independence of time and space can really heighten the interest of the people in a topic, further resulting in better retention. M-Learning, therefore, helps in increasing the overall effectiveness of the learning strategy.

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