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How Cinema Effects Youth?

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How Cinema Effects Youth?Movies are having a significant influence on the people’s minds. What we can easily observe is the effect of the cinemas on the youth. No section of either society, be it rural or urban is exempted from its long-lasting effect. The children are also an active part of this. I am not denying the fact that all the movies of Bollywood and Hollywood are corrupting our nation’s talent. Exceptions are always there. There are family fun and a lot to learn from various movies. Examples of such film are several. But the genre of the current time’s films is shifting towards action, thriller, robbery, romance etc.

The young blood is warm, and we all know that. It wants to give a try to everything which the silver screen shows them. Imitating the scenes of the famous movies have become one of the active and luring hobbies of the children. Nothing seems wrong in this age,and they continue doing the things they like. It starts reflecting in their routine life, their attitude, dressing style, talking. Moreover, they also try to drive as fast and furiously as the big screen shows them.

Imagination is the seed of interest

Who are the easiest preys- the people, especiallyin the age of 15-21? The latest trends for the young minds become the outfits, the talking style, and their hairstyles. They start imagining themselves in their position and enjoying all the perks of their lives. It seems to lure and tempting in one way or the other. In this way, the people get affected by the cinema and the actors,and it starts influencing their lives. The students are the ones who top the list of the affected ones. In theirlife, one thing that must not get changed are the studies. But unfortunately, the truth is the other way round. The heroic life becomes an integrated part of their life without even their knowledge. Everything is the result of the interest which they generate while being“a part” of the cinema.

The advertisements are laying the same effect in young minds

We get used to following the one whom we appreciate. In this case, whether it is their favourite star being endorsing a brand or shooting for a song, we never want to miss a glimpse of it. But we all know that these things lead the youth to some lousyphase. It crosses all the limits when the ones who commit crimes on the big screen is oneof the favourite actors of a majority of the audience. Yeah, sometimes It gets the villain era. They start imitating them and think of various ways to be famous for doing all the things which their rolemodel is doing. But the law of any country would not understand this. It does its duty of punishing the offensive work doers.

Action films and their effects

Stunts are the most dangerousthing which the children and untrained people try to imitate. The teenagers copy the action scenes of the movies and try them on their bikes and cars. Risk and stunts cannot be parted away. Many times they lead to several accidents causing harm to numerous lives. One more effect which the parents are observing in their children is the abusive language which has become a part of their lives. Human nature is weird. It grasps the negative things quickly. The same is with the “intake of” foul words which become a part of their life unknowingly or knowingly.

There are several films which have taught us many things in life. Many movies are made on politics, teaching them ideal lessons. But the good things remain in the movie and the bad ones’ start conquering the youth’s mind. The good ones are restricted to the theatres whereas in real life, what we are experiencing is the hike in the corruption. The family films are the excellent moral providers, but do we get influenced for a long time? Think the next time you sit back to watch a movie with your family. Analyze the effects and the moral which you learn from the film and the period for which you actually remember it.

The other non-sense things which the movies are imparting to the youth are

  1. What seems out of fashion to the kid? It’s obedient or sincere.
  2. They broadcast the notion that smoking, drinking, going in pubs. Bars are the ways to enjoy life.
  3. Wrong interpretation of the notion of woman empowerment. The movies show that an empowered woman is the one who make all the points I have written above. This is what an “empowered woman” do. But we all the real thing. Effects on the education system and the studies are The comparison thing also makes the situations worst for the students. We forget that the education is a pure thing and the knowledge and its comparison to the others’ minds will never take us to any fruitful ways.
  4. Movies showing and having the drugs as their central part have a negative impact on the youth.
  5. The crossing limit trait- killing someone is cool. How can this be possible? I have never understood it.

Also, overemphasis on oneself, that is I am the one or “Me First” is letting the students have an immense wave of self-obsession. All in all, we have concluded that everything has merits and demerits. It is up to us what we choose. But the film industry should also consider the negative impacts and have a turn in their selection of the films to be broadcast to the youth.

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