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How Can We Help Our Children Overcome the Addiction to Technology

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children overcome the addiction to technology

Parents are increasingly concerned about the addiction to technology in children. For most teens, the first thing they do when they wake up in the morning is to look at the screen of their mobile. This addiction can become a serious problem for the health.

Abuse of technologies

The addiction to technology in children will be one of the biggest problems for our adolescents in the coming years and perhaps adults. A new survey has revealed that Australians readily admit excessive dependence on technology and are concerned about the consequences of the incursion of the screens into their daily lives.

Respondents recognize that checking their phone is the first thing they do in the morning and the last thing they do at night. According to the confessions, although they try not to have this behaviour they cannot avoid it. Their mobile is always with them. The survey found that respondents felt uncomfortable with the use of technology but at the same time recognized that it was necessary and had little control over its use.

Addiction to technologies

Consequences of the addiction to technology in children

Many teenagers are hooked on technology and this affects their daily lives. Some even drop out of school, do not eat properly and even fail to socialize. If their parents threaten them with disconnecting access to the Internet, they can even commit violent acts against themselves or others.

In the Australian survey a good number of the respondents admitted having sought treatment for their obsessive use of technology. What they were most concerned about was the need to check their mobile to see social networks, play games or look up news and other online information.

The majority of the respondents, however, thought that this behaviour did not affect their relationships, work or ability to continue with their lives. They considered that it was not a “serious” addiction like others like cocaine or heroin.

Relationship with other additions

It is recognized for the first time that the excessive use of technology can be an addition for adolescents and adults. Most psychologists propose promoting healthy behaviours and habits, the healthy use of new technologies and healthy leisure alternatives, incompatible with substance abuse and other addictive behaviours.

The addiction to technology in children can be for many specialists a symptom of other underlying disorders, such as depression, anxiety and attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Look for solutions

Once you become aware of the addiction to technology in children, you have to take measures to avoid it. A good idea according to specialists may be to disable social network notifications. A practical way to ensure that social networks do not interrupt us when we try to focus on work or when we try to spend quality time with someone. This simple action allows us to control our time when using social networks when we want, not every time we receive a notice.

We must also avoid the use of mobiles when we drive our vehicle, as it can lead to fines and may cause an accident. We should even avoid its use in stores, public transport, restaurants and when we are walking down the street. The use of mobiles at dinners is considered by many a sign of bad manners.

Another good idea is to use applications and systems that tell us how long we have been using our mobile. The Apple Screen Time application or Android Digital Wellbeing can be good tools. Radically forbidding our teenagers to use technology is not a good remedy. You have to teach them to use technologies rationally based on self-regulation, responsibility and control. A new way of approaching the use of technologies that can help avoid addictions and that adolescents can control their use in the present and in the future.

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