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How Balanced Diet Improve Better Sleep?

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how balanced diet improve better sleep

Having a good night’s sleep is essential for the maintenance of a great overall health. But whether you are able to sleep well at night or not, depends a number of factors. Remember, it is much more than just the time when you set the alarm in the morning or retire to bed at night.

The factors include a lot of things starting from how much time you spend on working out to the amount of time you spend with computers and mobiles.

Among these, the most essential ones are a combination of foods and drinks that you consume all through the day. For example, if you go to bed when you are still hungry, falling asleep may become a challenging task. On the other hand, if you have a heavy dinner then also it can be difficult for you to grab a quality sleep.

The consumption of many foods can interrupt you while sleeping like the lactose enriched foods can cause abdominal bloating, cramping and diarrhoea for the lactose-intolerant patients. Again, the spicy foods can give rise to heartburn known as the GERD or the gastroesophageal reflux disease.

To help you further, here is a guide that can give you some idea about a balanced diet which will ensure that you sleep well at night.

  • Go for Lighter Evening Meals– Researchers suggest that the erstwhile adage, that advises to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like that of a prince and dinner like a pauper, as it is quite apt even today. A breakfast is made rich by including a plethora of food sets like proteins, grains and fruits. The dinner must be taken before a couple of hours you plan your bedtime and the lunch must consist of a smaller serving of proteins and grains. People suffering from gastro-reflux and indigestion can find some relief by opting for a lighter dinner before going to bed. The busier your body gets in digesting the food that you have taken, the less rested you are likely to feel. Not only that, if you skip the lunch and try to compensate that with a heavier dinner then it can throw off the sleep hormones and patterns.
  • Keep Away the Foods that Keep You Awake– There are many foods that can take a toll on your night-time slumber. Foods which are high-carbohydrate, high-sugar and heavily processed often interfere with the sleep. The same junk food that can wreak havoc on the waistline can also be troublesome for the sleep. There can be huge alterations in the blood sugar if you consume sugary foods. This can make you feel fatigued, change your sleep patterns and keep you awake in the wee hours of night. The large meals that are high in the level of carbohydrates can have similar effect on the level of blood sugar. Having heavy meals close to the bedtime can interfere with the body’s process to wind down for sleep.
  • Drink Responsibly– Apart from the food, you also need to drink in a responsible manner at night. For example –
  1. Caffeine is said to have anti-effects on sleep. But its impact varies from one person to the other. While some people may need to avoid it closer to bedtime, there are some who should avoid it for the entire day to sleep well at night. Remember that caffeine is also present in cocoa, chocolates, energy drinks, weight loss pills, apart from tea and coffee. You can switch to decaf if you want to have the evening tea or coffee.
  2. Alcohol is something that must be avoided at night. Although it can seem to assist you to fall asleep, as the alcohol effect diminishes within a few hours, you will face more trouble staying asleep.  If you drink alcohol at night, it can disturb your REM siesta. It is bound to lead to more restlessness. It comes with a dehydrating effect which can compel you to be awake and drink water frequently making it challenging to fall asleep.
  3. Excess fluid must also be avoided within a couple of hours of bedtime precisely. Most people find it hard to go back to sleep after going for regular bathroom breaks in the middle of the night. This may disturb your bed-partner as well.
  • Include More of These in Your Diet-You should skip the refined pasta, bread, baked goods and sugary foods as they can reduce the serotonin. For the same reason, you should go for the bedtime snacks like the oatmeal, popcorn or whole-grain wheat crackers. Nuts like walnuts and almonds consist of melatonin that helps in regulating the sleep-wake cycle. Having these can enhance the blood levels of hormone which can make you sleep better. Apart from that, cottage cheese, warm milk and chamomile, peppermint and green tea are calming choices for the bedtime. Among fruits the tart cherry juices, kiwis, oranges and pineapples are also great sources of melatonin and can help you to sleep well.

If you are still not being able to sleep well even after following the above and exercising regularly, then there be some other problem that is troubling you and you should consult with a top-notch sleep apnea doctor so that the real problem can be detected and treated and you can restore your peaceful night’s sleep at the earliest.

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