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Google Search Consoles and Errors Related to it

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What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console refers to the pool of tools and resources. These tools and resources will further be helpful to the people who own the website, the webmasters, web marketers and the SEO professionals, to monitor the performance of that particular website in the Google Search Index.

Google Search Console holds many features that are related to the information of the search appearance, search traffic, technical status updates, crawl data, and the additional educational resources.

Google Webmaster Central was the former name for the Google Search Console. In January 2018, a new version of the Search Console was familiarized with a refreshed user interface and enhancements.

What are the things to check in the Google Search Console?

  • Is it the backlinks for the website?
  • Or the crawl errors to check if the implementation is needed at any 301 redirects?
  • Check if you need to adjust the URL parameters?

Most of the times, while using the Google Search Console, there occur the crawl errors that need to be fixed.

Categories of Errors in Google Search

The information that was unleashed by Google is promisingly very useful for the SEO. The layout of the Crawl Errors view in the Search Console has changed from the past years. Broadly, the search engine is divided into two parts: Site errors and URL errors.

Site Errors

In the segment of the site errors, the errors related to the website are shown as a whole. It is very important for the website to fix these errors as they are at a higher level and may adversely affect the entire website. Therefore, a regular check must be maintained in order to keep the website error-free. It is necessary to check the website at a minimum of every 90 days. This will help in keeping an eye on the earlier errors.

URL Errors

The URL errors are the crawl errors that ensue when a search engine tries to crawl a particular webpage. While talking about the URL errors it is obvious to discuss the crawl errors like 404 Not Found. These should be found out as soon as possible and rectified at the earliest so that no problem occurs while the website is being used. A good number of URL errors are caused because of the internal links.

These errors are some of the basic crawl errors:

DNS (Domain Name System) errors: the DNS error says that there is something that is happening on the server side. Therefore, it is important to contact wherever you are hosting the website.

Server Errors: At the time when the site is flooded with huge traffic, server errors occur. If there is some problem or major issue related to the connection, then it needs to be worked upon deeply.

404 Errors: the reason behind the occurrence of these errors is the deletion or the unpublished page or any other similar reason of that particular website.

These were the basic points that have been covered related to the Google Search Console.

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