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Geoengineering Is A Method to Alter Weather

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Geoengineering Is A Method to Alter Weather

With increase in population, more resources are being consumed for accommodating the people. Trees are being cut, mining is being done to extract the raw materials, oil is being extracted for the vehicles that run on roads. Bottom line is that a lot of modifications are being done on the environment to make the lives comfortable.

The question arises that, “Is it worth?”. The answer to this is controversial, as both benefits and limitations are present. Technology has actually developed a lot since it began. Some tasks that were impossible in the past, have become possible with current technologies.

Geoengineering is one such technology. It’s meaning can be understood from the word itself, as ‘Geo’ means something related to geography or earth, and ‘Engineering’ means something related to designing something new or modifying the existing system. Another term for Geoengineering is Climate Engineering, which is a better term to make a reader understand about this technology.

It basically means that alteration of weather to achieve certain objectives, which would potentially benefit the people. Places that lack natural resources can get access to them through this practice and the places where it has not rained for many years, can also benefit from it. Alteration is done through intervention with the environment, which is done on large scale, because of the high cost that is required.

With several researches and experiments being performed on daily basis, several other benefits and limitations are being brought to the notice, which were not major concerns in the past. Some methods are better than others, and are being suggested as the go-to methods, because of their efficiency.

  • Direct Air Capture: This is a method that is used to remove Carbon Dioxide from the environment. It is a technology that is used on large scale, as removing Carbon Dioxide from environment is not an easy task. An air scrubbing technology will be used to complete this task, which will only be able to work when an industry generates Carbon Dioxide from their plants. The only limitation with this method is that it would not be able to reduce the CO2 already present in the environment. Direct Air Capture is being used in Switzerland for testing purposes. The Carbon Dioxide that is captured by the machinery is then used for plants, making them act as a fertilizer.
  • Solar Radiation Management: This technique is targeted to be used for decreasing the global warming. It works by devising methods that reflect the sunlight back into the environment, rather than absorbing it. Absorption of that sunlight means that the temperature of earth keeps increasing, which leads to problems for many animals and humans. Many people die because of increased heat, and it becomes difficult for them to find any water sources. Aerosols will be released in the upper layers of atmosphere, that can stop the sunlight from reaching the earth. Aerosols help to reflect the sunlight, which leads to decrease in temperature. Solar Radiation Management can help to achieve the task of climate engineering.
  • Solar Shield: It is exactly what it sounds like, where a shield would be present that would help to regulate the sunlight entering into the earth’s atmosphere. But this is a dream as of now, as building Solar Shield technology requires massive amounts of money and resources. Along with that, a lot of manpower would be required to achieve this goal. Several studies were done which indicate that even if 2 percent of sunlight could be stopped from reaching the earth’s surface, most of the problems related with the environment could be solved.

The technologies have been discussed, which leads to the discussion of application of Geoengineering. Analyzing about applications leads to understanding the complete aspect of a technology.

  • Forest: A major benefit of using Geoengineering would lead to afforestation, which means that trees would not be cut and environment would become better. Trees help to absorb the Carbon Dioxide, which is the reason for organizations to participate actively.
  • Prevent Disasters: Many natural disasters occur because of disturbance in environment, which is caused by excessive sunlight and increased pollution. Basically, all the aspects are connected with each other, that lead to those problems. It is not possible to correct all those problems, which lead to devising plans that would address the problem as a single entity. Floods, droughts, tsunamis could be prevented by implementing this technology.
  • Save Natural Resources: To fulfill the needs of all the people at this stage, resources are extensively being used. That is leading to the resources getting depleted, which is a major problem in itself. Artificial resources are being developed to meet the ever-increasing demand. Those resources can replenish on their own, if they are not interfered with. Geoengineering is majorly helping to achieve it.
  • Improve the Air Quality: This is a major problem in today’s world, as vehicles and industries are increasing and they are producing a lot of pollution. Because of that, pollution is increasing and the quality of air is deteriorating with each passing day. When it rains, there is some relief for the people as the air gets clean for some time. Artificial rains can be achieved through Climate Engineering, which could then be used when pollution rises to an unbearable level. Scientists achieve it by filling the clouds with some more water by evaporation process, which ultimately leads to the bursting of cloud and hence, it rains.
  • Controlling Climate for Important Tasks: Many times, some important tasks get postponed because of some natural calamity or simply rain. Those conferences or concerts could be so important that it would lead to major losses. In those cases, Geoengineering could be used to predict the weather when the event would be planned, and also some aspects of weather could be changed, which would make it possible for the event to occur.   

These are some of the applications of Geoengineering, which prove that the technology has just begun and a lot of untapped potential is present. Using this technology to its 100 percent would lead to better environment for people, animals, plants. The benefits would not be limited to that, as economies would also be improved, and the risk of natural calamities would be reduced to a minimal level.

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