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Fantastical 2: The Powerful Calendar App

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fantastical powerful calendar app

The app developed for macOS and iOS platform is a Calendar app. The natural language processing of the app can improve various things such as repeated events and the primary widget look on the screen, which dissatisfies many. The shortfall of menu bar on the top gives an easy approach to many features.

App designed by indie developer, Flexibits, is for iPhone, iPad and Mac, is claimed to be a superior alternative to the stock Calendar app.

  • App for iPhone and iPad

The iPhone and iPad users have to buy the app separately but it does not have any subscription charges. The app functions better on Mac than on the mobile devices.

On Mac, you can use the app with added attachments to the calendar entries allowing the user to add excel sheet describing the important tasks of the day and helps you not to forget any, but, the feature is not incorporated with the mobile devices. The latest version of iOS, that is iOS 11 may add the feature in to its devices but for now, its absent.

  • For Mac-

You can check all your calendar entries of any day on the menu bar besides the month view of the standard calendar app. The implementation of the app is done uniquely. A new event can be added by pressing the + button and typing. The event will be scheduled while picking up the location.  If you have to visit some place and you have added the reminder in the app, it will alert you 15 minutes’ prior the event, adding the event to the Work Calendar. Its salient features are-

  • You can just type the way you talk unlike the other calendar apps. Fantastical 2 takes care of the rest of the work to be done.
  • It is better than the natural language processing on Apple’s Calendar app, as it can pick up cues for repeating events among other things.
  • The ‘Time to Leave’ alerts on Mac, sends notification to the user when its’ time to leave for work based on data on traffic information.
  • The app looks good on macOS, the overall User Interface of the app seems to work smoothly on the system. The month and year view is magnificent.
  • The app empowers the users by allowing them to activate certain calendar sets automatically, when they reach a location.

The Indian iPhone users are deprived of the navigation feature of the app as the Apple Maps doesn’t support navigation in India. This is the reason of the success of Google Calendar in India as well and it is becoming more powerful day by day.

The Perks of Using the App

You can add public calendars over the app, as we do in the other apps, but many calendars can be grouped in Fantastical 2. If you wish to open different calendar sets, use the shortcuts to do it. CTRL+1, CTRL+2 are few of them.

Also, you can keep Fantastical open in a single-column window on the desktop as the app supports mini window view while continuing your work in other apps. Unfortunately, the iPad users are deprived of the trait, giving them a solution of having the SlideOver view of the app.

Altogether, it is an up to the mark app and the ones who needs a calendar app on macOS should upgrade to it.

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