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Expanding Fields Of Technology

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Most of us love the current epoch because it has “technology.” It has provided us with numerous pleasurable, delightful inventions and discoveries resulting into facile lifestyle of most of us. Out of those mindboggling pioneering developments the most liked are in the technological area. Technology is creating and updating something, somewhere every minute. Life has become smooth in various manners. The masterminds of technology have contributed tons in making our lives better and simple in many ways. Technology has left us so dependent and habitual of it that it has become our life’s indispensable aspect.

No corner in this world has left untouched where technology has not shown its magic. Out of the vast creations of technology, some are-

CURRENCY-Bitcoin, the first form of digitalized currency has become very trending from the last three years. Its price has gone from ground to sky. In 2015, its cost ranged between Rs10,000 to Rs20,000. The next year, one bitcoin costs Rs20,000 to Rs30,000. Talking about the recent year, till July, a single bitcoin has reached to 1.8 lacs. Yes, you read it correct. Moreover, its monetary value is supposed to cross 2.5 lacs in the beginning of 2018.  We can conclude that technology’s new kind of invention is liked by many which have resulted in the price hike of single bitcoin.

AUTOMOBILES- Automobile sector has grown tremendously all because of the latest technology we have in the present world. It is one of the fastest developing industries. To list some of the examples of work of technology in automobiles we have-

  • Transparent Bonnet- We all love sedan cars. Their look might appear pleasing to many of the readers. But, along with this driving of such cars is not easy task on mountains and hilly stations. Technology has become panacea. It has a solution for this problem as well. It has come up with a technology named ‘transparent bonnet’ which enables the driver climbing to a steep inclined or confined place to see an augmented reality view and capturing not only the terrain in front of the car but also the angle and position of the front wheels.
  • Driverless Cars- The internet giant, Google is ready with its driverless cars after trying hard on developing various prototypes which were proved to be a failed attempt. All the important elements like headlights, brakes and steering are now a part of the recent prototype of the cars which is a step forward in the direction of success of the dream project of Google. So, get ready to see the roads busy with cars without drivers.
  • Reducing accidental risks- Ford and Hyundai has emerged with a Pre-Collision technology, better to say Lifesaving technology. They don’t want the driver to take risk by not paying attention on the road while driving, it alerts them and if unfortunately, driver falls asleep and is not responding to the warning, it is able to stop the car by applying brakes.


VR is used in numerous fields, namely,

  1. Psychology- VR is used by doctors and mostly by psychiatrists in treating their patients with phobias and social anxieties.
  2. Gaming- VR has revolutionized the field of gaming. Various apps are being designed like Oculus Cinema, allowing the user to watch a movie with a deserted movie theatre all by oneself.
  3. Advertising- Companies are taking the advantage of the technology by creating 3D logos and graphics for their promotional task. In 2015, at the Sundance Film Festival, the guest wearing their trekking shoes could go for trekking at the mount sides. The experience was set up by Merrell, an outdoor apparel brand.


  1. Now the ‘soccer has gone smart’

Things are getting smart leaving the humans dull. The soccer ball has gone smart having the capability of capturing and storing the performance of the user. It connects with your smart phone giving instant feedback to player on power, spin, strike and trajectory, along with exclusive tips and guidance, helping you learn and improve with every kick.

  1. Hands out of tablet now
    • No need to carry the weight of the tablets in your hands, tablet stand is here to do so for you. It is designed by ‘Tablift’ calling it the Universal tablet stand.
    • Designed by China.
    • Its adjustable and bendable legs are able to securely hold the tablet giving the user hands-free joy and experience by allowing him to use it freely lying anywhere and at any position.
    • Desk globe packed in a clear acrylic sphere is not less than a mystery for some of   the readers as it neither requires any battery nor any wired to rotate. It gets the required energy from the light (energy) present in the room.  The amazing globe is aptly named as the ‘The Blue with Relief Map World Globe’.


  • Energized from solar energy- It contains an internal low friction, low power electric motor which gets the energy from the solar cells.
  • Requires fewer amounts of energy- needs less energy to operate that is why it can grace desk of any size.
  • Acrylic Base- The globe contains 3 finger acrylic base which permits us to take the globe off allowing to hold it on our hand.
  • Noise free- The globe rotates silently.
  • Easy configuration- The time taken by it is very less.


Education would be the most efficient use of technology. The student can get the feel of every bookish concept practically though virtually, which will definitely become the reason of their better understanding of the concept. Technology provides us with various teaching strategies to aid the learning experience of students.


  • Launching of108 satellites in one go by the Indian scientists is the perfect example of the advancement of aerospace engineering and aerospace industry. Being a developing country, India has taken one step forward in the direction of success leaving its counterparts behind.
  • Flying Car- AeroMobil has come to light by fulfilling their dream of bi-medium car, the flying car. It appears to be car on the road and a plane in the air. The two main specifications of the car are that the car can be driven on road in traffic and can be adjusted in the parking space.

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