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Education For All: The Powerful Global Movement

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Education is powerful and one can change the world with it. If you want to be a good citizen, you must make education an inseparable part of your life. The value of education is beyond imagination and one can-built future with proper education.

United nation educational scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO) led a global movement, Education for all. The aim of the movement is to impart education to every single child and meet the needs of children around the world. To reach the goal of EFA, UNESCO coordinates international efforts and leads the movement. Mutual understanding is very important to make everyone work well for their goodwill together.

With the freedom of expression and advancement in technology, international cooperation is being achieved slowly. To create maximum opportunities for citizens and children with elementary education is a goal and UNESCO is working hard for it. Many educational programs are created through cooperation.

To spread educational programs globally is a priority task and cooperation are kept in line to form a better future for every citizen and children. Only one country can not fight the battle to eradicate the illiteracy from roots. If different countries will work together, then it will become easy to solve the issue.

  • For the advancement of human development, and shaping the fate it is very important to overcome certain challenges. According to the data fetched from UN reports, it is concluded that the situation is achievable.
  • According to the Global education monitoring report by UNESCO, it is found that more than 264 million children don’t go to school.
  • It is essential to obtain global education to meet the agenda of UN goals on educations for sustainable development. The agenda is to impart quality, inclusive and equitable learning.

Quality education is the main aim to be achieved globally by 2030. Every person including, governments, schools, children, parents, and teachers have to play a vanguard role. Lack of high quality and equitable education create a huge gap and learning crisis which also results in widening the social gaps. A strong education is mandatory to fill these gaps.

Human development and sustainable global development depend critically on the education system.

  • Prospects of career opportunity and better health can be widened with a strong education.
  • Education can possibly help to achieve desirable results and sustainable development.
  • Economic, social and environmental skills can be attained by the people if every individual gets a quality education.

Importance of a strong education system

  1. There is the development of actions, responsibility, and values in a person who receives an education. The changes can be brought by schools beginning from elementary education. It is critical to shape an individual and bring necessary changes for overall personality growth.
  2. Education is considered as one major aspect of development.
  3. Better employment, health, earning, and strong economic background is promised by well-delivered education.

The strict introduction of the educational framework is required to monitor and catalyze the progress. Reformation of the educational system is an urgent need today.

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